Russell Howard - Wonderbox Tour

Russell Howard Wonderbox
I love Russell Howard. Genuinely, I love the bloke. So when I saw his Wonderbox tour being announced early last year, I knew I had to get tickets and on Saturday night, I made a trip up to Newcastle to see my beautiful best friend and of course, see the show. It was freezing by the way. I forget that an hour up North on a train is the equivalent of going into the Arctic.

Much like my post about Jack Whitehall’s tour which I also saw recently, I won’t ruin the gags or anything like that but the show had me in stitches. The comedy was a similar style to Good News (a show that I never miss) and it felt like the time passed really quickly. Many of the jokes were funny stories about his family which just adds to his likeability as a comedian.

As it was my second trip to the Metro Radio Arena, I not only knew not to hide a bottle of 7up in my bag as I had to bin mine on the way in last time (damn it!) and I knew that beverages would of course be as overpriced as you’d expect. On the plus side, at least you don’t get bottle caps taken off you when you buy drinks like you would at a gig. Those pesky bottle caps. I’m sure they’re very dangerous to the artist when nobody is even close enough to the stage to be in throwing distance at most venues. /End of tangent.

The highlight of the night was most certainly his last story. And this isn’t ruining it for anyone as it *apparently* was only going to happen at the Newcastle show.

After receiving a letter from the parents of a boy with cancer, Russell went to meet the family as the boy was a massive fan. As it happens, Russell clicked with the family and met them several times. The boy (I feel really bad that I’ve forgotten his name) began to plan his own funeral as he became more ill and requested that Russell attended – in fancy dress. The boy had planned all of the outfits that he wanted people to attend his funeral in and his request for Russell? The Mr Dildo costume, from one of his sketches. But things changed, the boy got better and Russell asked him to come on stage at his Newcastle show on the Wonderbox tour... in fancy dress.

Being in a room with 10,000 people on their feet applauding a young guy in a giant dildo costume is certainly something! There was so much respect in the room at that time, for the young guy who battled cancer and to a celebrity who took the time to get to know a fan and gave him such an opportunity. It was such a special moment and the absolute highlight of the show.

The show was brilliant and if you’ve got tickets for the tour, you’re in for an absolute treat. I’d definitely go see him again and at around £30 for an arena tour, that’s pretty good value too!

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