No Makeup Selfie

I thought I'd better update this post that I actually posted yesterday as things have rapidly changed over night! On Tuesday, I was nominated and instead of taking a selfie, I donated (see below). On Wednesday, I wrote this post and I woke up this morning (hello Thursday) to see my entire newsfeed not only filled with selfies but screen shots of donations! 

I'm impressed. Internet crazes never do this much good! So many people not only are doing selfies but they're donating. You can donate £3 by texting Beat to 70007.

And this is my selfie. Though I'm pretty sure nobody wants to see my bare face, I was nominated twice.

And we're back to the original post!

Ohh this is a controversial topic at the moment isn’t it?! 

‘It’s pointless!’ they cry from their keyboards.

‘I don’t get it’ is typed with confusion.

‘How liberating!’ is accompanied by a fist pump.

‘I look like a troll but I did it anyway’ whinge the attention seekers who are doing it for the likes and still have a base coat of foundation on.

Yet another internet craze, thankfully, this time it’s all for a good cause unlike #neknominate (which in case you’ve lived under a rock without wifi for a few weeks was nominating someone to drink a pint of something ridiculous. People died, it wasn’t cool, everyone realised and it disappeared into nothingness, THANK GOD).

But yeah, posting a photo of yourself without makeup – it really separates the people who pile it on and the people who don’t for a starter. I was nominated by my friend Emma who posted a selfie looking no different from her usual self (though less sweaty than when I usually see her as she’s also my zumba instructor!) as she doesn’t wear makeup every day. Others have a slightly more dramatic difference as, like myself, a lot of my friends wear makeup on a daily basis.

When I was nominated, I wasn't over the moon to say the least. My nearest and dearest (and everyone on my snapchat) have seen me without makeup, but opening it up to 450 Facebook friends? That's another story. 

SO I DONATED. I parted with £5 of my pennies and sponsored a friend who's doing the Race for Life, took a screen shot and passed on the message. Since then, I’ve seen a few people on my friends list do the same (total trend-setter over here).

But not everyone is taking it as a positive.

'Why bother’ seems to be a common attitude. Admittedly, bare-faced selfies isn’t going to find a cure but surely awareness and people talking about cancer is a good thing? 

There’s a lot of ‘this shouldn’t be a big thing, everyone should be proud of their natural beauty’ and in an ideal world, yes, that would be fantastic. But it’s not an ideal world and for a lot of women, feeling comfortable without makeup isn’t the case. So it is a big thing for some people and a small one for others. And any woman who will post a photo of their make-up free face, good on you!

Haters are always going to hate. They’re probably the same haters who said that growing a moustache won’t cure cancer during Movember. NEWSFLASH! Just like during Movember, people are parting with their cash that they wouldn’t have done without the #nomakeupselfie tag and the Movember hype and it’s that cash that’s funding research. And it’s research that finds treatments.

I think the #nomakeupselfie is brilliant. It’ll probably last a week or so and disappear as quickly as it arrived but if in that time, people who wouldn’t usually donate have done, that’s a good enough reason for an internet craze!

Donate here. £2 is what you'd pay for a drink on a night out, a tub of icecream or a bus fare that you could walk. One little sacrifice, one donation. Make a difference.

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