Marching Around

March 2014
Erm how is it the last day in March already?! I say this assuming that my scheduled post doesn’t have a hissy fit and actually posts tomorrow (I feel like I’m talking to my future self, this is weird).

I don’t usually do round-up style posts but I thought I’d get on the band wagon as if anything, my family usually read my blog and like to know what I’ve been up to.

Firstly, I’ll admit that this year so far, I’ve been a bit of an Instatwat. For several years I’ve sworn that I will NEVER USE INSTAGRAM BECAUSE I’M NOT AN INSTAGRAM WANKER. I’m now an official Instagram Wanker. I hated it when it first came out because it was a load of hipsters making out like they were fantastic photographers because they put a filter on it. Now everyone has it and most avid users could play name the filter when they look through someone’s feed, it’s less about pretending that you can take decent photos and it’s all about photo-sharing your life. Like a photos version of Twitter. I can deal with that.

So here's what I've been up to in March. Via Instagram.

1. Train back from Newcastle that got bricked. It was 
exciting at the time.

1. Mother's Day Cocktails

4. My first flat-pack experience.

2. A night out with Sophie

3. Icecream with my girls in York.

3. Mid-week cocktail drinking

4. Tiger Lilly Boutique Clutch

If you're actually interested in following my on Instagram, my username is lizilegge and there's a link down the side of my page :)

And here’s a bit of a New Year’s Resolutions Round-Up.

Let’s Get Physical
Well, I’m still training to do a 10K, admittedly not as much as I’d like, but I’m getting there, slowly. I may be running as slowly as the average snail but I’m running more. And that’s a good thing!

Keep in Touch
I got to a point where I was really good at this but having full up weekends is limiting the time I spend reading other blogs. But I’m trying, I promise! I’m still commenting on the few blogs I still read and each week during blogger chats I’ll tweet begging for links, I just feel bad when I don’t get back to people on the night itself! I take part in more chats than I used to though which is a positive.

Get Writing
My aim was to blog more and I aimed for 10 posts a month which I’m achieving quite easily at the moment. I’m also writing for Dolly Glitter now which is exciting as I haven’t written for anyone else for a while. If you’d be interested in my guest posting then please get in touch, I’d love to get involved with other bloggers! I’m getting more organised as I’m scheduling posts to go out during the week and I always have plenty of content, it’s just taking the time to write it all down, take the photos and get it published! But I’m dedicating an afternoon every weekend to blogging so it’s definitely helping me to keep on top of things.

Read More
I never have to be persuaded to pick up a new book and thanks to some Twitter recommendations, I’ve discovered a new author, Lucy Diamond, who I absolutely love. I’m also aiming to read the Harry Potter series over this year and I’ve finished the first three! Just another four to go... I still haven’t jumped on a series bandwagon (apparently Game of Thrones wouldn’t be to my taste!) but I’m reading more fashion magazines. And by that, I mean I’m still reading the monthly Bible (Cosmo) and now Glamour Magazine too.

Do Stuff
Another thing I don’t need to be persuaded to do! I’ve booked yet more tickets (hello Lady Gaga and Jon Richardson), made more plans and discovered new blog events to go to. I think I’m onto a winner!

Get a ‘proper job’
I actually did it! I’m so proud! I’ve got a REAL job where I’m employed by a company not an agency and it’s with a lovely team. I’m the Administration and Credit Control Coordinator at Event Prop Hire. I started last Monday and I’ve really enjoyed my first week so I’m a very happy bunny!

So that’s it, a very long monthly round up post! What have you been up to in March? Is it just me who thinks this year has gone really quickly so far?!

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