Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo
Don’t even try and pretend you didn’t sing the title of this post, I know you did.

So, this week, lucky old me got to see the absolutely beautiful Jason Derulo (AKA, my sister’s future husband) on his Tattoos World Tour at the O2 Apollo, Manchester.

To say I was excited is an understatement. I went with my sister and one of my best friends, Sophie, and all in all, it was a fantastic night.

I never thought I’d say this because I’m a massive Stone Sour fan and seeing them live is up there with the best moments of my life, but this gig matched that. It was just that good.

I think what really made the gig was having a decent warm up act – in the past, I’ve been to shows with an unknown warm up and it just doesn’t get the crowd going – and this time we were lucky enough to have Conor Maynard (or Conooooor Maynardooo as he liked to call himself). As an artist who’s new enough to have just a couple of hits, it meant he did a few popular song covers and all in all, it had the crowd dancing. The three of us said that we’d happily pay to see him just by himself so by the time he left the stage, we were very excited.

And Jason. Oh Jason. The setlist consisted of a few of his older songs (Watcha Say, In my head, Ridin’ Solo etc) which I loved as they’re the songs that remind me of nights out in town when I was about 18 and then of course, the more recent Talk Dirty and an encore of Trumpets. I’ll apologise now as the chances are anyone reading this will have then sung in their head ‘And the trumpets they go...’ and it’ll be going round your head for the rest of the day.

Apologies for the appalling quality, Instagram shot! 

So, the show. He can dance. I love a man who can dance, especially one with an amazing body that he likes to show off. Before anyone judges me as a perv, I’ll admit it, that guy is absolutely LUSH and I’m not ashamed to say that my jaw hit the floor when his dancers started undressing him.

Oh and when they say ‘let’s show you how we work out’ and he starts demonstrating pull ups and press ups with his equally fit dancers? Yeah, that was a sight to see. A very beautiful sight.

But, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go just so I could stare at him, I am a genuine fan of his music and I really wasn’t in any way disappointed by his performance. Given it’s a very small venue, there was a full ‘show’ with a set, DJ, dancers and yet it still felt like a more intimate gig – a feel that you just don’t get at arenas.

I’d happily see him again, especially as his performance matched up to that of my favourite ever band, Stone Sour (totally different genre but it’s all about the way you feel right?). What’s the best gig you’ve ever been too? Who really stands out?

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