Jack Whitehall Show Review

Jack Whitehall
I’m a comedy lover, I always have been! This was the first time I had seen a comedian in an arena – as I’m from York, the local venues are small and though they make for a more intimate show, it’s a whole other atmosphere in an arena. I have seen a fair few comedians whilst they've been on tour, including big names like Jimmy Carr and Chris Ramsey and I've always found that it's a whole new experience to see someone live than it is to see them on TV.

I went to Newcastle Metro Radio Arena with couple of my friends for the show and got to our seats in plenty of time to chill before the show started. Of course we were charged the extortionate prices for beverages after our bags were checked on the way in - £2.20 for a bottle of diet coke is a con but when you have to buy drinks and snacks in there, there wasn’t much choice!

After being directed to our floor seats by the very helpful staff we soon realised that it was a circle stage – there was an audience on all sides. So we sat and waited. There was chart music playing and then introductory videos to keep us amused before he came on for the first set – on a segway no less.

Needless to say, I haven’t laughed that much in a very long time. The jokes just kept coming, audience members were picked on and the first set concluded with fireworks and confetti canons. After an interval, he was back, coming in through the audience and back onto the stage.

Again, the laughs kept coming and he didn’t struggle to keep the audience in hysterics, especially after a mishap with a costume change and an almost forgotten joke.

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Overall, it was a fantastic performance. A lot of people will have seen Whitehall in different TV series such as Bad Education but it’s easy to forget that in a series he plays a character whereas on a stage, he’s himself and it’s a different style of comedy. I was very impressed with the show and he’s definitely one of my favourite comedians.

Now I’ve seen a few comedians do stand up, Whitehall is definitely up there with being one of the best and given he’s only 25 and doing an arena tour of comedy shows, it really does show how far he’s come. If you get the chance to see him, I’d definitely recommend taking that chance.

Next stop... Russell Howard, next weekend when I’m back in Newcastle for his show!

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