It’s summer! Kind of. Almost.

Ok, the clocks have changed so it’s lighter for longer and there’s a slightly better chance that we’ll actually see some sun soon.

When it comes to summer, I’m not usually one to embrace the sun if I’m perfectly honest. I’ve accepted that as my porcelain skin won’t develop further than a darker shade of white naturally that I probably shouldn't be trying to fake it either, so I spend the summer months smothered in factor 30. Sun safety is sexy y’know?

But this year, instead of avoiding the sun, me and my friends (accompanied by my suncream as I can go from Caspar the Friendly Ghost to the same colour as Sebastian from The Little Mermaid rather quickly) have already planned road trips to Scarbados and there has even been talk of camping (them, not me. I’m not sleeping in a tent for love nor money). Oh and beer gardens. The chances of me spending every weekend in August accompanied by a cocktail pitcher with a straw two glasses is quite high.

This is probably the point where I should come back from my tangent and onto the point of my post... NEW SUNGLASSES RANGE.

I’ve never been big on sunglasses. Until late last year, I never wore contacts so I could never get excited about non-prescription ones and until I realised that online shopping is the way forward for prescription glasses, I never got on the prescription sunnies hype either.

Oh how this has changed.

I now have contacts so I can wear cute affordable sunglasses and I now know how much easier and cheaper it is to buy sunglasses online with a prescription – especially as there is so much more variety that there used to be.

I was particularly excited when Pretavoir got in touch to tell me that they would be stocking Linda Farrow frames from April 2014 as I love her designs. It’s taken long enough for designers to see that there is such a market for fashion eyewear – in the past, though designers have brought out collections of frames, it only seems to be in the last few years that glasses have had much attention. Sunglasses have always been on trend and Linda Farrow’s designs are just that and always have been since her first collection in the 70s, but it’s her regular frames that catch my eye too. At the end of the day, glasses aren’t just an aid to help you see any more (though this is obvs very important and yearly check-ups are vital to maintaining your eye health!) but they’re a fashion accessory and a statement of your personality.

Pretavoir will be stocking her original line alongside collaborations with Matthew Williamson, The Row, Erdem and Dries Van Noten which is all rather exciting. The lovelies at Pretavoir also sent me a couple of preview images to share with my lovely readers to give you a taste of her new collection. I must admit, all they make me want to do is go on holiday!

What do you think of Linda Farrow's designs? Are you excited for sunglasses shopping? 

*This post contains promotional content sent by Pretavoir, all views, as always, are honest and my own*

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