Fashion City York: An Introduction

Fashion City York
As a York girl born and bred, I’m really passionate about my own home town. Like most people, I went to university and defended it to the end of the Earth to the people who thought it was boring and/or that I spent most of my time in Betty’s Tea Rooms. Most people think of York as a quiet little city with a load of history and an amazing cathedral – both of which are very accurate descriptions – but Fashion City York are a group of volunteers trying to get York put on the fashion map.

People come to York as tourists: fact. But whilst people are spending their time in fantastic museums and money in their gift shops, the little gems of York fall by the wayside. How often do you go to a new city and head straight to the highstreet shops and restaurant chains? I know I do it! It’s that familiarity of knowing what you’re going to get as standard and no risk of picking the one dodgy pub with an over-priced menu or ending up in a shop with pushy sales assistants and downright weird products. It happens, we’ve all been there.

But what if someone was telling you where to go? What if there was an organisation promoting all of the one off quirky shops that you can pick up something unique in? Personally, I love having one off things from both my own home town and new cities because it means nobody else will have it and therefore I have something a bit different to blog about to set apart my outfit. That feeling of when someone asks you where something is from and it's vintage/from abroad/from a boutique/handmade...

Well that’s what Fashion City York are aiming for. They want to get local businesses working together to put on a fantastic fashion weekend in May that will make both locals and visitors realise that York isn’t just about the Vikings which roam our streets (often on their lunchbreaks from the Jorvik Centre) or the ghost tour by the guy who’s been on TV (Come Dine with Me). York has so much to offer and that’s something that really came apparent at the Fashion City York networking event this week.

We met at The Biltmore (a one off bar and grill that serves beautiful food and even more beautiful cocktails in beautiful surroundings – you can tell I’m a massive fan of the place) and to be around students, professionals, bloggers and pretty much everyone inbetween was a really interesting experience. 

Image from The Biltmore on Facebook

Though as a blogger what I can really offer is publicity and word of mouth networking to get people to events, it was so much fun to join in with everyone and throw ideas around for the May event. We’re talking live windows in shops, hair and makeup demonstrations, clothes swapping and flashmobs. It’s going to be big.

Fashion City York really is going to put York on the fashion map this summer with aims to eventually have its own fashion weeks but until then, the team are hitting the ground running to get even more local businesses on board.

If you'd like to get involved, please drop Angela an email:

Or Like them on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter.

What do you think? Do you think York could shrug off its history hat for a weekend?


  1. I saw this on Facebook and it's a very interesting concept. I really hope it works and takes off.
    I'm local-ish and have wondered around York many times, but am always drawn to mainstream, however, also being intrigued by the quirky shops, but not knowing what or where.
    I think York is deffo capable of hosting a successful Fashion Weekend, it's good to see something Northern.


    1. I agree, York has so much potential and I think Fashion City York will really highlight how stylish a city it can be! There are so many small businesses than could benefit too which is great :) I'll be keeping my blog updated with plans for the May event :) xx

  2. This is very well put, my bad for not reading it until now :)

    1. Why thankyou :) haha looking forward to seeing you at the paper doll event :)