The Valentine’s Day Drinking Game

The Valentine's Day Drinking Game
So Valentine’s Day. A fantastic day if you’re in a steady relationship, married or in the throws of your first teenage romance – the flowers, the cards, the heart shaped chocolates and every other little romantic gesture that you could think of to plaster over Instagram. And for the singletons, a day to celebrate not having to buy anyone presents, half price heart shaped chocolates on the 15th and an evening of whinging about the loved up lot around you. And if you’re in that ‘seeing each other, not quite exclusive but practically exclusive but in no way Facebook official’ position – I pity you, because nobody knows how to deal with Valentine’s Day in that position.

Now, I fall into the category of singleton (yes, I know, what a shocker) so I’ve devised a little game...
I bring to you: The Valentine’s Day Drinking Game

I should state now that if you’re actually going to play this game, DRINK RESPONSIBLY. And by that I don’t just mean no choking on your own sick, it also includes giving your phone to a responsible adult so you don’t drunk text your ex. Got it?

For this game you will need a drink (alcoholic or just a cup of tea will do) and any electronic device with a link to social media. And a shot glass.

The Rules:
Take a drink when:
  • A photo of a standard present is posted (chocolate/flowers etc)
  • A status about loving a partner is posted
  • A sarcastic status is posted
  • When tonight’s plans are posted
  • Any passive aggressive status is posted about a partner forgetting
  • A cryptic status about Valentine's Day is posted that you DON'T understand

Take a shot when:
  • A photo of a creative/expensive present is posted
  • A video montage/declaration of love is posted
  • The hashtag ‘luckygirl’ or ‘iloveyou’ is used
  • A couples selfie is posted
  • Someone asks you if you have got a card/Who your Valentine is/What you’re doing tonight
  • A cryptic status about Valentine's Day is posted that you DO understand

Down your drink:
  • An announcement of a marriage proposal

By Valentine’s night you won’t even remember why you were ever bothered...

I hope you all have a lovely day, whatever you do, whoever you’re with (I’m off to Zumba, living life on the edge right there) and remember, there’s always someone who loves you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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