The search for my signature scent.

Signature Scent
Everyone but me seems to have one – my Mum’s is Chanel No.5, my sister’s is Noa Noa and my friend Catherine’s is Fantasy by Britney Spears. But me? I have perfume bottles lining my dressing table and not one of them stands out as ‘the one’. Every time I get close to developing that relationship with a perfume, I end up cheating on it with a new purchase from Boots and I’m back to square one.

What I love about perfume is that you can’t see it – you’re blindfolded to a brand, price, fancy bottle and a celebrity endorsement once you’re wearing it. Though these are all the components that might make us pick up a perfume, once you’re wearing it, it becomes part of you. I associate people with their perfume/aftershave of choice and I want that for myself!

I put it to Twitter to find out who had a signature scent and who liked a variety and Sophie (@FashionTwista) was the first to get back to me to tell me that she liked to have a failsafe scent because it meant people said that scent reminded them of her - Daisy by Marc Jacobs. 

I’m like this with my nearest and dearest – I’ll pick up a tester in a shop and think to myself ‘that smells like so and so’ and then put it back because I don’t want to feel like I’m trying to be one of my friends every time I pick up the bottle!

As I type this, I’m wearing Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted. I was sent a sample of it through the post and given I actually followed through with a purchase about 6 months after receiving it I thought it might be the one. Until I did the same with Moonlight by Ghost. And I’m currently lusting after Katy Perry’s Killer Queen. See my conundrum?

Perfume is such a personal choice – a scent isn’t like a foundation, you can’t go one shade lighter so it suits you perfectly, you have to find something new entirely. These are my personal favourites at the moment yet not one of them comes out on top above the rest!

Ghost - Lancome

Victoria's Secret - Beyonce

Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift

What is your signature scent? Do you have one or do you mix it up? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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