Mr Nutcase Review

Mr Nutcase Review As my phone is a Samsung S3 Mini, I really struggle to get decent phone cases as Samsung just doesn’t get the same hype as Apple in terms of accessories to go with their phones so you can imagine how pleased I was when Mr Nutcase offered to send me a personalised phone case to review.

I chose to upload my own photos as I love that I could style it any way I wanted. The design I picked included 4 images which meant that the photos I needed had to be portrait. I had to play around a little bit to make sure that faces weren’t cut out where my camera and speaker are on the back of my phone but after a bit of cropping, I had it perfect.

I went for photos of me and my sister as they really tend to some up our sisterly relationship and it’s a personal touch. I’ve found that with having the new case, I see people looking at the photos more, especially when I’m on the train which is only to be expected as it’s a bit more exciting than a bog-standard case.

There are a few different case styles available but the one I chose is the lightweight wrap around one as it curls over the front just a little bit so if you drop your phone face down the floor doesn’t hit the screen. I’ve dropped my phone a few times since I’ve had the case and it hasn’t broken or damaged my phone (I’m clumsy, not trying to test it out!) so I’m pretty happy about it.

Please note that the white at the bottom of the case is my camera flash, not a fault on the design!

What kind of phone case do you have? Do you treat your phone as an accessory like I do? Let me know in the comments J

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