Yours Clothing Wishlist

Yours Clothing Wishlist Ever since my first trip to the Arndale Centre in Manchester, I have LOVED the plus size clothing brand Yours. As I’m from York, we don’t have our own store (boo hiss!) so I’m limited to browsing online or taking a trip over the Pennines to see my sister in Manchester.

I’m plus size. I always have been and as much as I work out and eat well, the chances of me dropping below a size 14 are pretty much nil. And I’m ok with that. But does that mean I should be limited in what clothes I wear because of it? I don’t think so and it is brands like Yours which cater for plus size women by producing stylish and affordable clothes that are wearable.

And this is what I want. I don’t want garments produced to flatter a size 6 made bigger any more than a size 6 would want something made to flatter a size 20 made smaller. Women have different shapes, Yours is filling the plus size gap in the fashion market and I love them for it. Their sizes range from 14 – 32 and they cater for everyone with on trend wearable garments.

I’ve bought a few bits and pieces from them in the past both in the shop and online and I find their clothing is very ‘me’. It’s pretty, it’s flattering and the clothes are made using fabrics that are designed to skim not cling.

These are a few of my favourites from the new season collection.

I love this lace trim dress as I find printed dressed with a darker base to be more flattering yet the pretty print makes it girly and feminine.

I seem to be going with a butterfly theme! This is the kind of top I’d love for work – it has sleeves (my office is freezing!) and I’d wear it with grey suit trousers.

I absolutely love this scarf. The swallow print has been going around for a while now but I think it’s so pretty and the sage green colour would take it through the seasons.

Knee high boots, the curvy girl’s nightmare! If you have larger carves the options can be limited, especially now the spring summer season is coming into shops (yes, it is still freezing, no, I don’t know anyone who’s bought their summer swimwear) but these leather boots are still available online and for £79, I think that’s a pretty good deal as they will last.

What do you think of my picks from Yours? How do you feel about plus size fashions?

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