Why hello there 2014.

Hello 2014 I’ll just not bother with the clich├ęs that you get around new year. Of course last year went from amazing to shit and back to fantastic again a few times over so I won’t bore anyone with the rundown (I tweet enough about my life, I’m sure nobody needs their memory refreshing). But what I have seen is the resolutions tag floating round the blogosphere (is that a real word?) so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

I usually have three – to improve myself physically, academically and emotionally. By that, it tends to mean lose weight, pass whatever exams I’m taking and find love. But I thought I’d mix things up this year and throw in a few new ones.

Let’s get physical.

I want to get fit. For the first time in my life, this actually comes above losing weight as this year I have a reason to do it – I’m planning on doing the York 10k and as someone who’s never run anywhere before, it’s definitely going to be a challenge and a half. However, training started before Christmas, my fitness is considerably better than it has been for a while from regular Zumba classes so now all I have to do is face the cold and wet weather and get on it.

Keep in touch.

I’m getting a bit useless at keeping in touch now that I’m at work Monday - Friday so I’ve decided that one of my resolutions is to keep in better touch with my besties and also, to get involved more in Twitter and blogging. I’m not as dedicated as some bloggers but I read an awful lot of posts and never really comment so that’s another aim, to comment on what I read.

Get writing.

I want to better my blog and have more confidence in my writing. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I don’t tend to hold back in voicing my opinions so as my blog is my little piece of the internet, I want to improve my writing by including more topical posts.

Read more.

Like I really need an excuse when I permanently have my nose in a book but I’d like to branch out a bit into different genres and get back into reading proper fashion magazines. When films like Twilight and The Hunger Games came out I was gutted that I hadn’t read the books so I want to jump on some more literature bandwagons.

Do stuff.

I already have a load of gigs booked for 2014 (thinking ahead and stalking Ticketmaster has worked in the favour of my social life albeit not my bank balance) and I want to keep this going. I love having things planned ahead and I need to push myself out of my comfort zone and do more 'stuff'.

Get a ‘proper job’.

I’m temping and have been since I left university but ideally, at some point this year, I’d like something permanent, full time and paying enough for me to properly move out. If anything so I can blog about all my new kitchen appliances, home accessories and soft furnishings.

So that’s my list of resolutions. Have you made any this year?

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  1. I love seeing a realistic set of goals :) good luck with 'em x