Un-Valentine's Day Presents

Un-valentines day presents
I’ve only just finished my Christmas chocolate and Valentine’s Day is already being sprung upon us!

As a singleton, I’m not getting onto the hype (you loved up lot, enjoy your over-priced flowers) but what I’m loving is the amount of gifts around at the moment that aren't just linked to V-Day. A lot  things are cropping up that takes us back to childhood innocence and those days when we believed that happily ever after was a thing. And hell, maybe it is. Any Prince Charmings, tweet me yeah?

This is my wishlist of gifts (Prince Charming, take note) for all year round, not just February 14th.

Waterstones Book Ends
I love these. They’re cute, a bit different and fit in with the chick lit coloured theme of my book case.

Teacup Candle
I met Charlie who owns Granny Flat Candles at the ASOS Swap Shop and I fell in love with the concept. One of my childhood memories is my Nanna serving tea from a cup and saucer and this just reminded me of her. I think they’re gorgeous!

Harry Potter iPad Case
We’ve all been to the studio tours (and if you haven’t, get yourself there!) and whilst everyone’s reliving the films, the memorabilia is ever more popular. I’m not ashamed to admit that my keyring is the mark of the Deathly Hallows and I absolutely love this Marauders Map iPad case.

Mean Girls Quote Necklace
The happy ever after that results in Regina George being hit by a bus. So not that happy for her but I love Mean Girls and how it’s the most quotable film ever. And fetch still hasn’t happened.

Globe Charm
Yes, I was a weird child but one of my memories was nagging my parents for a globe. And I got a plastic one for Christmas and not long after my Dad brought me one back from the tip. So this clip charm for a Pandora bracelet sums up that memory for me.
What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Do you love a day of romance or is it just another day?

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  1. I may be loved up, but my partner and I don't really 'celebrate' valentines to the extent that some couples do..
    We may agree on a card an that's it. I believe you should love and feel loved all year round, not just for 1 day..
    Love the book ends and the teacup candle! Really cute! :)