Pirose Scarf

Now I was a very lucky girl when I won a blog competition on Isabella's blog to win a Pirose Scarf so I thought I'd do a quick review of it on here!

A lot of people will have seen these kind of scarves about - they can be worn in lots of different ways and if you do it well, they're incredibly versatile. I let my mum choose the scarf and she picked the Celina style which is an all over print. As she's jetting off to Australia next year, we thought the colours would be perfect for the summer weather over there.

I had a play around and watched a few of the tutorials to see how I could style the scarf and I took a few (BAD!) photos to share with you all. I apologise for the photography, improving the photos on my blog is a new years resolution of mine.

First I watched the tutorials online which can be found here.

And then I began styling up my Pirose. As you can tell, I'm really bad at having my photo taken!

These scarves are priced at around £40 but as they're so easy to style up, you can easily get your wear out of it. As you can see, I turned it into a cover up, a top, styled up a blazer and made it into a hair accessorie. It sounds like a cliche but it really can be worn in so many different ways providing you take the time to follow the tutorials. My only criticism would be the slightly more mature prints that are available but I guess if you got a plain colour, it could work for anyone :)

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