Christmas Beauty Haul!

christmas beauty haul So it’s Boxing Day and I took a break from eating (that's what you do on Boxing Day right?) to raid the sales (I managed Boots and New Look before going home) and combined with some Christmas presents, I've put together my first beauty haul. 

I’m a massive fan of beauty products. I can walk into Boots needing nothing and come out £30 lighter with a bag full of bits and pieces of makeup, beauty and hair products. I’m always on the lookout for new products to try that would be an improvement on what’s already in my makeup bag so I love reading beauty blogs. Luckily for me, my favourite bloggers tend to either specialise in beauty or dip into it on a regular enough basis for me to get my fix of new products, their go-to products and comparisons. Hello Terri Lowe, Ginger Girl Says and Big Fashionista always have interesting posts covering fashion, beauty and lifestyle and Tattooed Tea Lady covers pretty much every beauty product under the sun.
My tastes vary, from the cheapest of the cheap to treating myself (usually justified by the day of the week/I’ve survived another week at work/it’s raining etc etc etc) so my makeup bag contains Natural Collection to MAC and everything in between. I’m a sucker for new perfumes, hair products and skincare so it seems fitting that since I’ve had so many new products over Christmas to share them in a haul post.

I'll start with the nail varnish - it's Max Factor, came from the Boots free gift when you spend over £15 and it's blue (Royal Blue). I haven't tried it yet but it looks like a very rich colour. (Starting my first ever review with 'yep, it looks alright' isn't filling anyone with hope is it? I promise it gets better.)

On the left is Seventeen’s Supreme Shine lipstick in ‘Rich’. It’s a glossy deep red lipstick and my new favourite. I’ve been desperate for a new one that’s more berry than pillarbox red and this one is just the job and only about £5. The middle swatch is Max Factor Colour Elixir and it’s another glossy lipstick in ‘Mulberry’. I wore it on Christmas day and it keeps its shine all day. It is as moisturising as it claims which I need at the moment too. The third is by MAC (Maximum Pro-vitamin Lipstick) and it was a treat from my sister. Unfortunately it's not on the website so I don't know if it's new maybe? She went for something a bit different to my usual bright red lipstick and this one is double ended – there’s a lipstick and a liquid topcoat which seals the colour and makes it glossy. I wore it during the day on Christmas day and it lasted longer than I expected (surviving ice-cream on the beach in Scarborough with flying colours).

Next up is the Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara in brown/black which is average if I’m completely honest. I think it came in the free gift set they did with Boots before Christmas and its ok on volume but lacking in lengthening qualities so not at all what I was expecting!

This is my second MAC treat from my sister. This eye shadow is in 'nocturnelle' and I used it yesterday - it wasn’t quite as bright as it looks (the swatch took a lot of building up to show this colour) - and it had the staying power you’d expect from a premium brand like MAC. It is richly  pigmented so it's a case of layering until you have it at the brightness you prefer and that makes it great for shading. It's definitely one that can go from day to night which is great for me (yes, I have been known to go on nights out with daytime makeup layered up into night time makeup because I'm too lazy to take it off and start again).

Now a couple of treats for myself in the sale. As I mentioned before, Sofia at Tattooed Tea Lady blogged her best sale finds and that led me to browsing the Boots website and then getting out of my PJ's and and down to Boots to raid the half price gift sets. I'd originally been on the hunt for Katy Perry's Killer Queen fragrance but as that was out of stock I was more than happy to take my ssecond choice which is this Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose gift set. I’ve had a bottle of this perfume before and loved it but at £37.50 for 30ml, I’ve found cheaper alternatives in the past. This set was only £25 (half price) and included a 30ml perfume.

Despite being a beauty fan, I tend to stay away from 'gift sets' as I never use all of the things that are in them but this James Brown London haircare set was an absolute steal at £12.50 (reduced from £25!) and had full size products that I'd usually buy. The set contains heat protect spray, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask treatment, a fine tooth comb, Velcro rollers, sectioning clips, a compact mirror and hair bobbles. The products alone are worth around £34 so I’m pretty pleased with this and I can’t wait to try them all out. I’ve used the James Brown London ‘Photo Fabulous’ range before and I’ve been impressed so I have high hopes.

This final photo is a few bits of what my Mum got me. She put me together a hamper of things I love (it also featured Vodka and Oreos!) so it had stuff she knows I want and need. So she bought me shower gel (I don’t know how I go through so much of it?!), nailpolish remover (we fight over it if we only have one bottle), hairspray (necessity to my happiness) and pocket tissues as I always have them in my bag!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my first beauty haul (I can’t imagine many people got this far in reading it, I’ve gone on a bit!) and I will be doing more in future I think.

What beauty bits did you get for Christmas? Can other people buy you makeup or is it something you need to buy for yourself? Did you get any sale bargains?

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