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SpecsPost Review It seems at the moment that I’m doing a lot of blogging firsts right now and this time around it’s my first review post for a company. Though I’ve done product trials in the past, this is the first time I’ve been sent something to specifically review on my blog and I must admit I’m very excited to have the opportunity.

Let me introduce to you a company called SpecsPost. They specialise in cheap glasses (frames can have clear lenses or your prescription) which you order online and they get delivered to your door. Something I’ve struggled with in the past is going into highstreet opticians and finding that the only pair I like are ridiculously expensive and by a designer which you would read about in Vogue (I currently wear a pair by Givenchy that retail at £199) so to find somewhere with the styles I love and prices starting at £10 is fantastic for me.

Lucky me got the chance to pick 3 pairs of glasses from their website to review and full details of each pair are available on their website.

First up are the ‘AOK’ glasses in black. These are a very angular frame so well within my glasses comfort zone – for the last few years I have always worn square frames which are quite heavy frames. What I like about these glasses is that they’re straight across the top – more so than a lot of glasses of a similar style which I personally prefer. I’d wear these glasses for work – they’re smart and black frames go with everything.

AOK  - £21
Secondly are the ‘Alfie Brown' glasses which I love. To me they look a tad vintage as they’re not the traditional ‘geek’ shape since they’re more rounded and when I first tried them on I was reminded of my Nanna as she wore a similar shape. The brown frames are softer and a bit more casual, definitely for weekends.

Alfie Brown - £23

Last but not least are the sunglasses I chose - 'Arley' in classic black. At the moment, as I don’t have any prescription sunnies, I have to wear my contacts then sunglasses but the lovely people at SpecsPost can put my prescription in these for me which is just what I need! Just a shame that right now it's miserable outside and my sunglasses selfie had to be taken inside and whilst wearing a jumper! They fit me perfectly and the shape have a slight hint of cats eye at the corners yet still retain the 'Ray-Ban' style shape.

Arley - £24.99

All in all I was VERY pleased with my 3 pairs, much to the disappointment of my sister who had her eye on the sunglasses, and I will definitely be making future purchases from SpecsPost. Though a lot of people are dubious about making purchases of glasses online as it is difficult to tell what will suit you, but hey, you order clothes online right? I loved that I could try mine on when I could shamelessly Snapchat selfies to my friends and family, try them on with my hair up and down and of course get my mum’s opinion. I love that those days of having one pair of glasses a year have gone and the biggest statement I wear every day can be interchangeable to match my outfit.

For more information on SpecsPost, please visit their website or drop them a tweet. You can follow them on Twitter; @SpecsPost. Keep an eye out for future posts as they love getting involved with bloggers as much as I have loved working with them.
*Disclaimer: SpecsPost did not pay me to write this review though the glasses were provided free of charge. All comments are my own*

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