Chris Ramsey - The Most Dangerous Man on Saturday Morning TV

Chris Ramsey Anyone who knows me knows I love comedy. I love watching it on TV, seeing it live and reading blogs such as Hello Terri Lowe and Ginger Girl Says (not exactly stand up but they make me giggle at my desk a lot at work). I’m also an obsessive compulsive booker. I scour Ticketmaster, O2 Priority and Twitter to see who’s going on tour so I can be on it like a car bonnet when tickets go on sale.

So when I saw that Chris Ramsey would be gracing the stage of York Barbican I knew I had to get tickets. Especially when they were a mere £16.50 each and I didn’t even have to board a train to get there.

The first surprise of the night was receiving a photo of the back of my head posted on my Facebook by my friend Nikki who was sat a few rows up from me. The second was that there was a SUPPORT ACT. Not something I’ve come across at any comedy shows before and once Carl Hutchinson took to the stage and had me in stitches I was in the group who when hearing there will be a support act thinks they’ve got more for their money rather than those who go... meh. Then Chris Ramsey came on, did his thing, we all laughed a lot and it was happy days.

Now I’m not going to spoil it by repeating jokes or anything like that but what really impressed me was the opportunist piss taking of the audience. And the fact that he seemed a genuinely nice guy. When someone had to leave early for a train he got him up on stage to take a selfie. After the show he came to the foyer to sign programmes and take photos. He’s just the nicest guy. And he’s hilarious. What’s not to love? For details of his remaining tour dates see his website, if you get chance, it's a show worth seeing.

And if you can't go see him just pop on YouTube and type in 'Chris Ramsey, Soccer AM' and you'll soon learn that 'bumming' is not a swearword...

Do you go see comedians live? Tell me who you've enjoyed seeing :)

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