Access All ASOS
Where to even begin?!

#AccessAllASOS is just what it says on the tin – a group of insiders were handpicked from a week long opening for applications and ta dah we have the first group of lucky people... and I am one of them!
I first saw #AccessAllASOS was trending and did a cheeky Twitter stalk to find out what was going on. I was led to the #AccessAllASOS application website where I quickly filled out my form, telling ASOS why they should let me into their behind the scenes exclusive secrets.
Lucky me, I was chosen (hooray!) and I was sent a welcome gift in the post and an email confirming that I was one of the cool kids. Now, I can’t give away too much as that would spoil the game but to be honest, I would urge everyone to click here and apply for the 2014 insiders – IT’S SO WORTH IT.
This is a pic of my welcome gift - everyone got a hand written letter welcoming them to #AccessAllASOS and our gifts were all personalised. That's why I got some lovely sunnies and a ring :)

I tried to explain what it was to a few friends who weren’t bloggers and it went like this ‘it’s a group of cool people who have been chosen by ASOS to be in a secret society and get secret things and for some reason, me and my little blog got chosen!’
Needless to say, I am VERY excited and will no doubt be tweeting all about #AccessAllASOS for a very long time.

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