The Snapchat Hype

The Snapchat Hype I'm always up for trying new apps and Snapchat is no exception. For those of you who aren't familiar with the app, you can send a photo or video to a contact for a number of second and then it vanishes. It isn't saved on your contacts phone which means a whole host of media can be transferred. Yes, this means there is probably a server somewhere in cyberspace harbouring images of god knows what and in my case, some frankly unflattering photos of myself and my friends pulling stupid faces (we're THAT mature). 

But I digress. I received a couple of Snapchats from two friends of mine which I screenshotted (prompting a notification to them both!) to put on my blog.

Here is Gabi - a friend from school, currently a med student and she's also a fantastic artist. She's worn glasses for a while now and I love her red frames. 


And this is my selfie from when I saw her and borrowed them!


And meet Rhiannon. She's a friend from uni and the best laugh on a night out. And she Snapchats me a LOT. Which I love! These sunnies are so cute and the blue complements her hair colour.


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