The last of the summer sun?

Last of the summer sun Yesterday appeared to mark the final day of Summer going by the excessive amounts of Facebook statuses about thunder storms, flash floods and train delays because of the turn in the weather so I bring to you a few cheeky snaps of a friend of mine....

Introducing: Ally Gilpin. A useful girl to know given she's a model AND a photographer, so definitley a useful contact as a former fashion student. I couldn't help but notice that not only does Ally take some fantastic photos but she has also rocked some cool glasses styles this summer so here are a few of them...

These gold plastic frames could so easily look tacky but with a straw hat and confidence, Ally pulls them off really well!

This is Ally and her friend Charlotte, both girls in different styles here. I love the jade green colour of Charlotte's glasses, they really compliment her skin tone.

And these... I just love. I'm not sure how practical they are but they look adorable!

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