Not as much a glasses post...

Not so much a glasses post A lot has changed since my last blog post so this is more of a general update!

Firstly, I can proudly say that though I'm not in permanent work, I'm currently defying the graduate stereotype and I'm doing temp work through a couple of York-based agencies. I've had some great opportunities from Charterhouse Recruitment and Reed Global so things seem to be looking up on the job front at least. It's leading me to believe that there is no excuse for unemployment as there really is work out there if you're willing to start at the bottom and do filing! And let's face it, you have to start somewhere and I'd rather be getting my foot into an office and gaining experience than sitting at home doing nothing.

My next piece of news is my University results! I got a 2.1 (phew!) so I'm pretty chuffed with that. My end of year show is now over and I have a few weeks until I graduate.

So what's new? I've really been doing the standard summer stuff including catching up with my friends who'll be returning to Uni in September and the friends who have been in York whilst I've been away in Huddersfield. So nights out, shopping, drinking diet coke in the pub and booking gig tickets for the next year are all on the cards.

Speaking of which.... this is Char, one of my best friends and she's recently got these glasses from Boots and before she got them, she was iffy about wearing her glasses on nights out but she has a new confidence when wearing these frames; they're a new shape for her and really suit her!

The left photo is Char (left) and I in our new glasses and on the right, this is us with our old frames!

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