Paris Lucky me got to spend the bank holiday weekend in the beautiful city of Paris! I went with my mum via Eurostar for a long weekend in the fashion capital on an organised trip by Riviera Travel. Once we arrived, we were met by our lovely guide, Cas, and we proceeded to go back to our hotel to check in (via the Red Light District and past the iconic Moulin Rouge!).

Our first evening was spent relaxing in a local bar where we soon realised the weekend would include betting how much a bottle of diet coke would cost (€5 was the most we ended up paying in a bar!) and discovering that Coca Cola's new marketing campaign is not only in France but has French names (obvious when you think about it haha).

Day Two and we had our first tour of Paris whilst on the coach. We stopped for important photos of course... and then spent the afternoon at Versailles.

Day 3 saw us go to Montemarte where we saw the artists square and I had the opportunity to take this beautiful photo of a girl having her portrait done...

On the afternoon of Day 3 we had a boat trip down the Seine and then we really saw the centre of Paris and I was in designer heaven! Thankfully we managed to completely avoid getting caught up in the anti-gay marriage demonstration which attracted over 150,000 people, 300 of which were reportedly arrested in the evening. Lucky for us, we were at Paradis Latin - a cabaret!

Last day; Day 4 and we visited the Louvre which meant another great photo opportunity for Mum and I!

One thing I really noticed about Paris was the amount of different opticians which seemed to be on every corner. As my French isn't great (I was struggling with 'Please may I have a macaroon' etc) I didn't manage to approach anyone for photos but every glasses-wearer I saw had a designer label attached. And we're talking Chanel, Prada and Gucci!

Check out how many optician's there were and these were a mere handful!

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