Let's back date everything...

Lets backdate everything Once again, I've been insanely busy and my blog has suffered as a result but finally I can catch up on myself!

In the midst of finishing Uni, going to PARIS and beginning a marathon job hunt, I now have plenty to blog about and a lot more time to do it.

So for me personally, what I'm most excited about is getting new glasses and I now finally have an image off myself, that I like, to show off my new glasses. They're by Givenchy and I LOVE THEM.

The sides are a geometric style black and white pattern and the frames are quite heavy as they are plastic in comparison to the lightweight metal frames I used to wear but I'm getting used to them :)

But enough of me rambling, here's the photo!

And being the cultured person that I am, this was taken on a boat trip down the Seine in Paris!

Next blog post.... PARIS <3

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