25 Facts About Me

25 facts about me This is something that's been going round since the days of Myspace, the kinda post where you get asked questions and post it for everyone to see.

I was reminded of it when I had a look at thestylehaze.blogspot.co.uk/, a lovely blog by a lovely Hazel!

So here are 25 Facts about me...

1.      I’m one of those people who is always on time. Or early.

2.      I’ve worn glasses since I was around 7 years old but I’ve only started to appreciate how stylish they can be in the last few years.

3.      My hometown is York and I only seem to truly appreciate its beauty when I see the Minster in sunlight.

4.      I love my Fashion Communication and Promotion degree and I actually enjoyed writing my dissertation.

5.      I love writing. It started with poetry when I was around 14 and developed into journalism when I was 17.

6.      I’m a Tiffany girl. I was lucky enough to make my first purchases in the New York store.

7.      I’ve loved rock and metal music since I was about 13 but I’ve never been to a festival.

8.      I discovered red lipstick and never looked back.

9.      Flowery dresses are my thing. I wear them to uni, on nights out, everywhere.

10.   My sister is my sidekick. But for some reason my extended family don’t appreciate that our constant exchanges of insults are just banter...

11.   I collect Starbucks mugs.

12.   I’m a bookworm. Not many people still find the time to read but I do. Normally for at least an hour a day!

13.   It took me until I was 20 to own a hairdryer and decent straighteners. Crime against girl kind perhaps?

14.   I’ve never fake tanned. Or used hair extensions. Or had acrylic nails. I have nothing against them when they’re done well but keeping up that level of maintenance? Too much effort.

15.   I know very little about politics.

16.   One of my aims in life is to visit the 4 main fashion cities at least once. I’ve got 2 down, 1 booked and 1 to go!

17.   I love The Gruffalo.

18.   My favourite Disney film is The Lion King and I still cry when Mufasa dies.

19.   I play the flute and played in a concert back for 5 years.

20.   I have a thing about Converse Allstars. I got my first pair in September and I’ll never look back.

21.   Since I was 17 I have given blood and have been registered on the donor register and bone marrow register – this is something that is really important to me.

22.   I always wear a silver ring on my right hand.

23.   I have an A Level in Physics.

24.   Pasta bake is one of the few things I can cook.

25.   I love going to see comedians and I can’t wait to see Jack Whitehall next year.

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