Post-Night Out Blog Post

Post night out blog post So it's 7.36 in the morning. I got in approximately 4 1/2 hours ago and yep, I'm up and wide awake!

Nights out really hold some glasses issues.

1. False eyelashes - always too long and touch the lenses
2. The steam up when you walk into places. Leaving you walking round blurry-eyed until you warm them up.
3. There's always at least one person who wants to try them on. And in my case, try them on then proceed to inform me that I'm 'practically blind'! I don't mind people trying them on at all, it seems like it's exciting for someone who doesn't wear glasses :) But it does leave me seeing blurryness for the duration of them being passed round haha. At least it creates a talking point!

This is my friend John wearing my glasses last night!

There are a few positives to glasses on a night out though...
1. It can be a talking point with people - I may not be able to see during the talking point as everyone is trying them on but it's surprising how many people end up talking to you about glasses.
2. People automatically think you're intelligent.
3. Smudged eyeliner? Got a bit teary in the toilets? Tried to reapply mascara and applied it to your whole eye-lid? Nobody tends to notice. Winner!

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