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Vue Cinema - Leeds

Vue cinema the light leeds
Vue cinema the light leeds

Going to the cinema seems to be an occasion rather than a hobby for me at the moment and after being invited to review Vue in The Light, Leeds, it’s given me a bit of a kick to try and change that. I’m definitely that person who will sit through the trailers of a film (I have to be on time for things and that means I’ll be there watching them all as the cinema slowly fills up) and say ‘yep, I want to see this, this and this’, but I never get round to it.

Really, I don’t have an excuse. I will happily take myself off on a little date night for one, just like I did when I went to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and I need to do it more. In fact, I take myself on dates which are better than the ones I’ve been taken on by most other people. A nice dinner at Pizza Express (hello O2 Priority and your £5 mains offer) followed by a trip to the cinema where nobody is sat next to me trying to rob my snacks. You know who is the worst for this? My mum. She says she doesn’t want her own drink or sweets and three minutes into the film there’s a nudge in the ribs demanding sharesies. But I digress…

Vue cinema the light leeds

I work in central Leeds and Vue is a mere 15 minute walk from my office. As the entertainment venue has about a million screens (and by that I mean, 14 screens), when a film has just come out, there are showings literally all the time and that means that popping to Vue after work rather than the pub is definitely something I should be doing more often. All of the screens are ultra HD and the seats are super-comfy too. If you’re feeling fancy, there are VIP seats too which recline – perfect if you’re going to see something you’ve been looking forward to for ages (this was me when I went to see Jurassic World, The Fallen Kingdom earlier this year!). Though the site has been there for years now, you can tell that it’s had a lot of TLC as it feels new. The sound quality is incredible and it means that big scenes feel really intense – so much better than waiting for a film to come out and watching it online later.

Vue cinema the light leeds

It’s also cheap. Though my ticket was complimentary as part of the review, it’s £4.99 for a standard ticket AND if you have Meerkat Movies, two of you can go to Vue for less than a fiver on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You won’t be able to get a date night that cheap anywhere else! Especially given that the only other cinema in Leeds city centre requires you to take out a mortgage to buy a ticket because it’s that expensive. When it’s just a fiver all week, it makes it great for family outings that won’t break the bank. If you’re not feeling a new release, there’s plenty going on with live theatre and musical events, classic film screenings and plenty of Christmas movies in December too!

As I don’t have kids, my main priority when saving dollar’ on a ticket if having money left over for a Tango Ice Blast. Vue has all the snacks you could want (sweets, chocolate, popcorn, every flavour of Ben and Jerrys under the sun) but nothing compares to a blue raspberry Tango ice blast when you’re in the cinema. If you’re on Slimming World like me, a dynamite cup (the biggest one) is only 5 syns and personally, I’d rather have that than sweets in a film.

I’m so pleased that Vue invited me to review the entertainment venue as it’s really rekindled my love of going to the cinema. I love picking my seat (so that it’s the furthest away from anyone else), grabbing some refreshments and watching a film or live event on the big screen to switch off for a couple of hours. It’s a break from social media, from WhatsApp messages and work, and it forces you to concentrate on the film without distraction which is something I really enjoy.

Have you visited Vue recently? What did you go see? Let me know in the comments.

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