Sunday, 9 December 2018

Stocking fillers with a twist

Smith and Sinclair alcoholic sweets Leeds
Smith and Sinclair alcoholic sweets Leeds

You know that person who is notoriously hard to buy for? We all have one, whether it’s a secret Santa gift or someone who only puts a photo up on Instagram when they’re going out, so the only thing you know for a fact they’re passionate about is a gin and tonic. Well, I was introduced to a brand recently called Smith and Sinclair and they are the answer to your gifting prayers.

Smith and Sinclair specialise in grown up presents of the boozy variety, but in a very classy way. Interested? Let me explain.

The brand started when the founders Mel and Emile hosted board game nights for adults in London (for those who weren’t feeling the Tinder vibe and wanted to do something different), and quickly realised that their guests loved their alcoholic gummy sweets more than the games. The board games went back in the cupboard, they headed to a market to start selling their boozy treats and there you have it, Smith and Sinclair was born.

Smith and Sinclair alcoholic sweets Leeds

Smith and Sinclair alcoholic sweets Leeds

Since then, people have been going wild for their sweets which contain half a shot each (so if you’re the designated driver, stick to the cola bottles and take the sweets home for later!) – to put that into context, two sweets is the equivalent of a shot of tequila, minus the salt and lime. They come in a whole load of flavours inspired by popular drinks and they even changed their recipe recently to make them vegan.

If you’re more into scents than sweets, then Smith and Sinclair also have three fragrances which you can spritz on yourself or diffuse into your home. The current scents are Pear and Vanilla, Cherry Blossom and Mandarin, and Watermelon and Citrus. I was invited to their pop-up in Trinity, Leeds (found on the bridge outside Next) so I got the full Smith and Sinclair experience. The full experience includes the curveball that their scents are edible – yep, they can be licked right off the skin, or, spritzed over the rim of a prosecco glass. And yet, they’re not sticky and can be worn as an every day fragrance.

Smith and Sinclair alcoholic sweets Leeds

See what I mean about stocking fillers with a twist? Whether you turn up to a Christmas party with friends and gift them a selection of sweets rather than a box of chocolates, or buy a fragrance for a loved one, they’re far more than a novelty. The packaging is classy, the concept is entirely different and they make the perfect gift (or y’know, treat yo’self). The sweets are £15 for a box of 8, and come in a variety of selections, or if you’re in Leeds, you can do the ultimate grown up pick and mix. For the fragrance, it’s £20, which definitely isn’t bad considering you can wear it every day.

Will you be picking up any grown up treats from Smith and Sinclair this festive season? Let me know in the comments!


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