Monday, 30 April 2018

Summer loving at The Potting Shed, Guiseley

The Potting Shed, Guiseley
The Potting Shed, Guiseley

You know when you get that first hint of sunshine of the year and suddenly everyone gets all British and dashes outside to soak up the vitamin D? Hi, hello, guilty. I recently headed down to try the new menu at The Potting Shed in Guiseley which opened just before Christmas and I’d been on their terrace approximately three seconds before I was declaring that it was beer garden weather and why oh why did I decide to drive.

The Potting Shed, Guiseley

I’ve been to The Potting Shed in Bingley before and absolutely loved it, but The Potting Shed in Guiseley has food which is just as incredible but also ticks all of my Instagram boxes. Yep, I’m that basic. But who doesn’t love a restaurant which has so many plants that it feels like a none-sweaty version of Tropical World? Their upstairs restaurant is absolutely stunning with high ceilings, beautiful furnishings and so much green.

The food at The Potting Shed is like next level pub food. It’s fancier than what you’d expect in a pub that’s in a small town on the outskirts of Leeds, but it’s still hearty and the menu is clearly a mix of everyone’s favourite things. The team told us all about how all of the staff have an input into the menu which is so lovely as it means they’re genuine advocates of the food. You can expect burgers, pizzas, pub classics and loads of different side plates too – so it’s perfect whether you want something to nibble on as you have drinks or if you’re there for a meal.

We started off with a selection of starters which they put out for us all as a buffet so we could try a bit of everything. There was everything from calamari to pate, to chicken goujons and garlic doughballs. I must admit, my personal fave was the honey and mustard chipolata sausages as they were so tasty and delicious. They will definitely be on the table when I go back!

The Potting Shed, Guiseley

The Potting Shed, Guiseley

For mains, we all went for something different but I definitely over-estimated how hungry I was when I went for the ‘Gnome’s Revenge’ burger which was a double burger (and each burger was huge!) with cheese, pizza sauce, pepperoni, salad, all in a bun and served with sweet potato fries. I did my very best but the portions are definitely not small! You know when you’re eating something and thinking ‘yep, this could see off any level of hangover’? That’s where I was at with that burger!

The Potting Shed, Guiseley

When it comes to cocktails, their menu is pretty extensive too. I was on the mocktails as I was driving but even then, it felt like a lot of effort had gone into creating some pretty non-alcoholic drinks. I had a couple of fruity mocktails which were really refreshing, though having been out on their terrace, the next time I’m there, I’ll be getting the train so I can have a gin in hand!

Overall, I was really impressed by The Potting Shed and I think it’s definitely worth getting a train out of Leeds city centre to go there (especially as it’s just next to the station). Will you be trying The Potting Shed? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I'm a big fan of The Potting Shed in Bingley, but this one looks even prettier! And that sure is a Mighty burger! x


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