Monday, 30 April 2018

Summer loving at The Potting Shed, Guiseley

The Potting Shed, Guiseley
The Potting Shed, Guiseley

You know when you get that first hint of sunshine of the year and suddenly everyone gets all British and dashes outside to soak up the vitamin D? Hi, hello, guilty. I recently headed down to try the new menu at The Potting Shed in Guiseley which opened just before Christmas and I’d been on their terrace approximately three seconds before I was declaring that it was beer garden weather and why oh why did I decide to drive.

The Potting Shed, Guiseley

I’ve been to The Potting Shed in Bingley before and absolutely loved it, but The Potting Shed in Guiseley has food which is just as incredible but also ticks all of my Instagram boxes. Yep, I’m that basic. But who doesn’t love a restaurant which has so many plants that it feels like a none-sweaty version of Tropical World? Their upstairs restaurant is absolutely stunning with high ceilings, beautiful furnishings and so much green.

The food at The Potting Shed is like next level pub food. It’s fancier than what you’d expect in a pub that’s in a small town on the outskirts of Leeds, but it’s still hearty and the menu is clearly a mix of everyone’s favourite things. The team told us all about how all of the staff have an input into the menu which is so lovely as it means they’re genuine advocates of the food. You can expect burgers, pizzas, pub classics and loads of different side plates too – so it’s perfect whether you want something to nibble on as you have drinks or if you’re there for a meal.

We started off with a selection of starters which they put out for us all as a buffet so we could try a bit of everything. There was everything from calamari to pate, to chicken goujons and garlic doughballs. I must admit, my personal fave was the honey and mustard chipolata sausages as they were so tasty and delicious. They will definitely be on the table when I go back!

The Potting Shed, Guiseley

The Potting Shed, Guiseley

For mains, we all went for something different but I definitely over-estimated how hungry I was when I went for the ‘Gnome’s Revenge’ burger which was a double burger (and each burger was huge!) with cheese, pizza sauce, pepperoni, salad, all in a bun and served with sweet potato fries. I did my very best but the portions are definitely not small! You know when you’re eating something and thinking ‘yep, this could see off any level of hangover’? That’s where I was at with that burger!

The Potting Shed, Guiseley

When it comes to cocktails, their menu is pretty extensive too. I was on the mocktails as I was driving but even then, it felt like a lot of effort had gone into creating some pretty non-alcoholic drinks. I had a couple of fruity mocktails which were really refreshing, though having been out on their terrace, the next time I’m there, I’ll be getting the train so I can have a gin in hand!

Overall, I was really impressed by The Potting Shed and I think it’s definitely worth getting a train out of Leeds city centre to go there (especially as it’s just next to the station). Will you be trying The Potting Shed? Let me know in the comments!


Sunday, 29 April 2018

How to survive your first Escape Room

Escape Hunt The Light Leeds
escape hunt leeds

Escape rooms seem to be popping up all over the country and Escape Hunt is the latest addition to The Light in Leeds. If you haven’t been to an Escape Room before, the concept is that you and your team get locked in a themed room which is filled with puzzles and codes which you have to solve in order to escape within a time limit.

At the moment, it contains two World War Two themed rooms and I was invited down with some of my friends to try it out during their press launch. Having never been to an escape room before, I was slightly concerned that my friends from work were going to see the controlling psychopath side to my personality that I usually don’t bring out (LOL) but thankfully we managed to stay calm and escape.

We absolutely loved the experience we had with our games master, Noel. He talked us through how we’d get into the room and have to work the clues out from there and how he’d be watching us the whole time and listening to our conversations so he could give us a nudge in the right direction if necessary – which turned out to be fairly frequently!

escape hunt leeds

Though I can’t give away the clues as it would ruin the game, the idea is to break through a series of codes and puzzles in order to find and destroy a bomb which was planted by a spy. When we first walked in, I did just think to myself ‘but what the hell do we do first’ as we weren’t given any prior instructions but after searching the room, it became clearer and we moved from clue to clue and eventually got out with two minutes to spare.

escape hunt leeds

At Escape Hunt in Leeds, as there are two rooms, there is an opportunity to go against each other in teams, which we had originally planned to do, but we were advised to go in as a six. After doing the Escape Room, it became quickly apparent that we definitely needed everyone’s different skill sets and we’d have struggled in a team of three.

escape hunt leeds

escape hunt leeds

As it was my first Escape Room experience, I wanted to share some of my tips to getting out in under an hour.

1. Go with colleagues. I found that because I went with friends from work, we already know how to work together and to listen, plus you can’t lose your shit entirely in front of your boss. I think for a first time escape room experience where you don’t know what your doing, this makes it a whole lot easier as it could definitely break up a friendship.

2. Listen to what people are saying. Even if you think it’s wrong, let everyone’s voice be heard, simply because it stops people getting pissed off and wound up.

3. Work together but also play to your strengths. When solving the first few clues, we worked together and tried to be methodical but after that, we ended up splitting up a bit – making it very hard for Noel who was trying to keep track of how we were doing from the outside!

4. Wear a watch. I didn’t do this but as we couldn’t take our phones in with us, it meant we had no concept of time whilst we were in there and towards the end, that meant that we started to panic that we were running out of time.

5. Check everything and then check it again. It’s really easy to miss clues because you haven’t searched enough – but at the same time, if it’s bolted down, take that as meaning you shouldn’t be trying to move it!

I absolutely loved my Escape Hunt experience and would 100% recommend doing it as a team building activity. It is £25 per person and before we went, we thought it was quite pricey, but for the amount of fun we had, I’d say it’s worth it for an occasion or event.

Thank you to Escape Hunt for inviting us down, to our games master Noel who made it a fantastic experience and to Maz, Hannah, Hollie, Luke and Juan for coming with me.


Friday, 27 April 2018

How to not spend all your money on food*

How to not spend all your money on food
york minster through blossom

Oh let’s be honest, if we’re not eating our money, we’re drinking or wearing it, right? Please tell me it’s not just me! The more I preach about experiences over material things, the more I seem to spend on food and drink - when what I want to do with my cash is put it towards doing fun stuff (like going back to my beaut home town of York, pictured above).  

I’ve got to the point where my lifestyle quite frankly isn’t sustainable if I want to save any of my hard earned dollar so I’ve teamed up with Satsuma Loans to make me re-think my attitude towards my budget with a week-long challenge.

My worst habit is food on the go and I can hold my hands up and say that in recent weeks, my standards have been slipping. In fact I’m probably solely responsible for a new hole in the ozone layer with the amount of packaging that’s come wrapped around the convenience food I’ve consumed. Oops. But y’know, the staff at my local Co-op near work are probably seeing an all time high in profits so swings and roundabouts. I desperately need to be more budget and environment friendly (disclaimer, I do recycle at least!) and here are the changes I’ll be making.

1. Eating breakfast at home. I’ve slipped into the habits of grabbing fruit and a yoghurt on my way into work (£3.50 a time, kerching) rather than eating at home. Whilst on the surface that sounds healthy, it’s actually a bit of a sugar spike until 10am and then I’m hungry again by half 11. By eating a healthy breakfast at home I end up being far fuller for longer and it’s higher protein too.

2. Bringing lunch to work. Umm yep that’s another £5 a day on lunch on the go! By bringing in food I’ve prepped myself, firstly I know what’s in it and secondly I can bulk-buy ingredients at the start of the week. Whilst I do end up spending a fair bit on lunch foods anyway even when I make it myself (salads might sound cheap but I like to be a little fancy so I don’t get bored), at least this is a healthy option that doesn’t involve a whole load of packaging.

3. Actually eating at home. LOL shocker. I go out to eat or pick up food on the way home from work far too frequently and I’m getting to the point where I’ve forgotten what it’s like to go home and cook tea.

My meal plan

Planning my meals means that I know that at least three times a day I’m eating something nutritionally balanced which means I can feel a little less guilty if I have a treat. Disclaimer, this might look healthy af but I can assure you that some chocolate will be sneaking it’s way in!

Scrambled eggs, baked beans, mushrooms and broccoli. Yep, broccoli for breakfast. This is purely a health thing for me as it’s a great way to get more greens in when on a weekday, breakfast is fuel and something I do on autopilot rather than food I eat to enjoy! Broccoli on weekends... it’s a no from me. Eggs and beans are high protein so keep me going and mushrooms just taste nice.

Salad, followed by fruit. My salads include spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers in three colours, avocado, sweetcorn, kiwi fruit, grapes, cheese, chicken or ham and if I’m feeling fancy, potato salad or coleslaw. Again, it’s a whole load of veg but the meat keeps me full for the afternoon and it’s hard to get bored when it’s perfect summery food.

Veg sticks with hummus. I freaking LOVE hummus, in particular peri peri or red pepper. I’ll have this with carrot/pepper/cucumber sticks and it means that a pot can last a few days and I have something to snack on mid-afternoon at work – this is mainly to stop me ending the day absolutely starving and picking up convenience food for tea.

There are a few budget evening meals that I love, but pesto pasta with veg (and/or garlic bread), chilli, fajitas and Cajun chicken are my absolute faves for quick and easy dinners. I hate cooking with an absolute passion so everything I make takes under 15 minutes, and these are all easy options which I can cook from scratch in that time. Pesto pasta or pasta with a stir in sauce are my go-to options when I come in after one too many drinks at the pub too and voila I’ve just saved £15 from not having a Dominos (answers on a postcard as to why my drunk self thinks she ballin’ and can throw money at pizza).

So that’s my plan to save some cash and get a little healthier in the process – what are your tips? Let me know in the comments!

*This post is sponsored by Satsuma Loans but all thoughts, opinions and love of hummus are my own.


Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Turning 26 and birthday celebrations

Turning 26 and birthday celebrations
caterpillar cake

Twenty-six years old. When did that happen? Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that I’m still a spring chicken in the grand scheme of things but let’s just say that I haven’t followed my 16 year old self’s life plan. Or even my 21 year old self’s life plan. You know what this is teaching me? Don’t make life plans as when you’re too busy living your life you’ll probably forget to stick to it.

I spent my 26th birthday in the sunshine on a rooftop bar in Leeds with some friends, drinking pints out of plastic cups (which I oh so gracefully dropped in my lap and ended up spending a good hour looking like I’d pissed myself whilst it dried out, and my friends spent that hour cry laughing), and followed this up with lunch with my nearest and dearest the following day. As low-key birthday celebrations go, it was a good one, especially as I turned up to the restaurant for lunch to find that my sister had decorated the table, done party bags for all my friends and had got me a caterpillar cake. Absolute winner.

The last year has been pretty good. It’s been full of new friendships, adventures, change, challenges and very little fuckboy induced emotional turmoil so overall I’d say it’s been a winner.

The biggest change to my day to day life in the last 12 months has probably been changing jobs last summer. It’s crazy that I’ve been in my new role for nearly ten months now as it has been an absolute whirlwind. Having stepped up into a more senior role, it has been a steep learning curve but I’ve loved the challenge and the experience has been priceless. I’ve also made some incredible friends which I never expected to happen.

I’ve also been very lucky in the last year to have another close group of gals in my life. When I was put into a blogger WhatsApp group at the start of last year, I didn’t expect that a year on I’d speak daily to a group of women who now know me inside out. Honestly, anyone who knocks having ‘internet friends’ needs to try it as anyone will tell you that making new friends in your 20s is hard. Having a gal squad who are your absolute rocks that haven’t come out of school, university or work is priceless. This is a cross-country friendship and yet it says a lot that we can all still make the effort to meet up when we can. As well as being close to these gals, I’m still just as close to my gals from home (only been friends with them about 20 years now!) and my uni friends too.

The last year has definitely kicked me further out of my comfort zone too. I’ve done more solo exploring in different UK cities, including Liverpool, London and Edinburgh, been to a whole load of blogger events and even tried my luck at a First Dates casting. I also went to my first solo comedy show which I really enjoyed. I’ve definitely got the ‘just do it’ attitude nailed as I’ve become more of a ‘yes’ person over the last year and have rarely turned down an invitation or opportunity.

Overall, 25 was fun, but I want 26 to be better.

My only resolution in the next twelve months is to stop receiving unsolicited advice. That might sound like a weird resolution but stay with me on this.

I’m a fairly open book when it comes to my life but that means that it invites people to have an opinion and some of the time, opinions which are subjective get delivered as though they are gospel. And that’s frustrating. At 26, I don’t want to be instructed by my peers as opposed to advised. I think learning early on to recognise those who are prone to this and simply not giving them the opportunity is a positive step forward for the next 12 months and further.

This might seem like a small change but I’m hoping it will make a big difference! What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


Sunday, 22 April 2018

Trinity Kitchen Supper Club – Leeds

Trinity Kitchen Supper Club – Leeds
trinity kitchen Leeds

Oh Trinity Kitchen, forever my favourite place for on-the-go food in Leeds. If you’re not familiar with Trinity Kitchen or y’know, you’re from Leeds but live under a rock, this is a seriously cool food hall in the Trinity shopping centre in central Leeds which is home to a whole load of street food. There are some permanent fixtures like Pho, Tortilla and Chicago Rib Shack (all absolutely dreamy) and then a massive space where for six week periods new food trucks come in.

It’s the type of place where there is always something for everyone but you can sit anywhere, so it’s easy to just bagsy a table then go to whichever vendor takes your fancy. As I go there so frequently (working in the city centre means it’s very easy to drop by and pick up lunch or tea), I try and go to new vendors whenever I can and as they change fairly regularly, there’s always something different to try. I was invited down to their Supper Club which is a press night for local bloggers to try out the different food and oh my it was just foodporn for days.

At the moment, there are seven new vans in Trinity Kitchen:

·        Eat Like a Greek
·        Jah Jyot Punjai Street Food
·        Angus McVenison
·        Chimney Chicks
·        BangWok
·        Gonda Raclette
·        Vincenzo Prosecco Van

trinity kitchen Leeds

My absolute favourite in the line up is Eat Like a Greek who have actually been in Trinity Kitchen before. From their van, I had a chicken and halloumi wrap which was stuffed with salad and a minty yoghurt dressing. It was SO good and I’d 10/10 recommend. I took my gal Kellie with me and she went for a burger from Angus McVenison which was also pretty damn dreamy. What I love about the vendors at Trinity Kitchen is that nothing is standard, everything in there has some kind of flair to it which makes it a little different.

After we’d had our food, we also chatted to the guys from Jah Jyot Punjai Street Food who were recently listed in the top three Asian restaurants of the South East recently despite being a street food vendor – something which is pretty much unheard of! Their food is so full of flavour and we all loved the samples we tried so I’m keen to go back for tea! We also caught up with the team from Vincenzo Prosecco Van who sell prosecco by the bottle and they have Frizzante 1754 on tap – it turns out that because of some Italian laws, you’re not allowed to sell prosecco on tap, but Frizzante 1754 is just as delicious.

trinity kitchen Leeds

trinity kitchen Leeds

We rounded off the night with a chimney cake from Chimney Chicks and if you haven’t seen these plastered all over your Instagram then where have you even been? These are the new ice cream rolls (I’m sure everyone from Leeds saw Thai Khrim ice cream rolls all over the ‘gram for the three months they were in Trinity Kitchen). Chimney cakes are like a churro but the pastry is wrapped around a cone then cooked to form a shell that can be filled with ice cream and a topping of your choice. I went for brownie and toffee sauce which was the absolute dream. I’ll definitely heading back again to Chimney Chicks – mainly as I want to try the unicorn one.

trinity kitchen Leeds

All in all, Trinity Kitchen has a pretty solid line up right now so I’d definitely recommend heading down for a post-payday treat.


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

My European Bucketlist*

Photo credit: Pixabay

You know when you get to the point where all you want to do is get on a plane which doesn’t necessarily come with a return ticket? That’s where I’m at right now. Right now I’m trying to save rather than spend but that can’t stop a girl dreaming about her bucketlist of destinations can it? I think it’s the longer days and occasional sunshine creeping in that has me dreaming of summer city breaks and going on holiday. I’ve never really been the traveller type and I have no desire to go find myself at a full moon party in Thailand but there are quite a few closer to home destinations which I have on a list of places to visit.

I’ve actually been to Berlin before but I just didn’t warm to it as much as I’d desperately wanted to. I want to go back and explore the city on my own terms (rather than being on a holiday with my mum and sister when my primary concern was going to the zoo) and really appreciate it.

This is a small, French town in the Alsace region which said to have inspired the towns in Beauty and the Beast. It looks like a fairy tale and whilst I’m not a mega Disney fan, I still want to go see one of these places that look like they’re not quite real.

Again, somewhere I’ve been before but I was 12 or 13 so I didn’t have all that much interest in the town itself. Spending some time getting lost in a town that looks like it’s straight off a chocolate box is what I need right now. And then, y’know, going to buy all the chocolate too.

I have a thing for old buildings (maybe it’s my childhood spent growing up in York?) and the old town looks so pretty and colourful. Plus I’ve heard how cheap the beer is so I’m definitely down for a really chilled weekend break here.

This is a slightly more off the beaten track destination but it’s a town close to where I have family there so I had a few Spain holidays as a teenager. It’s the most beautiful Spanish location with a gorgeous beach. My family live up in the mountains in the midst of a fruit farm making it the perfect place to go to switch off, unwind, eat avocados fresh from the tree and of course, spend time with them. I haven’t been over to see them since I was 19 so I definitely need to make a trip.

So that’s my European bucketlist – what’s on yours? Let me know in the comments.

*This post has been sponsored by Holiday Gems but all thoughts, opinions and desperate needs to go on holiday are my own.


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

How to be a morning person

How to be a morning person
toasted hot cross buns

I’ve definitely always been more of a morning person than a night owl. In fact, come 9pm it’s not uncommon to find me tucked up in bed doing my last insta-scroll of the evening during the week. I hate being tired and working 9-5:30 means my bodyclock has most definitely adjusted to early starts, to a point where I rarely sleep past 8am on weekends. Let me tell you, it’s a killer when you’re hungover.

Being a morning person definitely doesn’t come naturally to everyone but having a solid morning routine 100% makes life easier. In fact as I write this, it’s 7:12am on a Wednesday morning. Here are my tips to making the most out of your morning.

1. Get up earlier than you need to. I have my alarm set for 6:30am despite not needing to leave for work until 8:30am, meaning that I have two whole hours to get up. This means I never feel like I’m rushing and by the time I’m at my desk at 9am, I don’t feel frazzled from my morning.

2. Use the time productively. Getting up earlier means you can get things done before work that you can’t be bothered to do when you get home. By getting up early, it means that I’m writing this blog post at 7:12am, but I can also do a load of washing, make breakfast and tidy round my flat before my working day starts. Starting the day feeling like you’ve already accomplished something is the best.

3. Prepare the night before. Wash your hair before bed, leave your breakfast out ready, make your lunch the night before – all these kinds of things mean you don’t have to do it in the morning so you’re less stressed.

4. Start getting up earlier in the spring. It’s so much easier getting out of bed when you can open the curtains and it’s light outside so make the most of this time of the year to get into a routine before winter hits. And once winter does hit, think of it as an opportunity to see the sunrise and about how you’re seeing every hour of the limited daylight.

5. Use a sunrise lamp. I’ve talked about my Lumie lamp a lot on here before but I wake up every day to a simulated sunrise and I time it so that it’s at a brightness that will wake me up about 10 minutes before my alarm. I can’t stress how much better I feel for waking up ‘naturally’ every day rather than to the sound of an alarm.

6. Eat breakfast. Whether you save time at home by having it at work or use the time you have on a morning to make it then, breakfast really is one of the most important meals of the day to set you up for your morning.

7. Stick to a sleep routine. Trying to stick to a similar sleep pattern on a weekend means you’re less inclined to ‘binge sleep’ which in actual fact isn’t that good for you. By getting the sleep you need both during the week and then into the weekend, you’re less likely to have a shock to your system every Monday morning. Making early plans for the weekend, whether it’s getting up and going to the gym or going for breakfast means you’re less likely to entirely lose your routine.

So they’re my tips on how to be a morning person – what are yours? Let me know in the comments.


Thursday, 5 April 2018

First date spots in Leeds #3

First date bars in Leeds

cocktail with orange slice

Oh hello, it’s been a while! I spent most of 2017 being pretty absent from the dating scene as y’know, life got in the way, but I’ve put in a little graft on Tinder so far this year and I’m *gasp* dipping my toes back into the dating game. My dating apps have seen a lot of right swiping, mainly courtesy of my coupled up friends on nights out (cheers huns for some cracking matches), and it’s got me thinking about some first date locations. It’s just so important to get right, right? You don’t want anywhere too loud, too quiet, too busy... the list is endless. I tend to keep my dates to midweek, as this gal has weekend plans until June, so here’s my run down of the best first date spots for a few tipples on a school night.

AKA my second home on a Thursday and Friday evening. Revs ticks all the boxes for me as it has great cocktails, cosy corners and a fun atmosphere. The drinks aren’t too expensive (especially with their 3-7pm weeknight happy hour), but it’s easy to get double parked with the 241 cocktails so head here if your confident you want to stay for more than one drink. For me, this bar is perfect as it's well within my comfort zone as I come here so often, which is definitely important on a first date (even if it did mean on my last date here, I had to sit tactically with my back to a group of my work friends who were also out for drinks that night).

This is a bar that’s nestled down the bottom of Call Lane and for me, it works as a good second bar to go to. Midweek it’s fairly quiet in there so it’s a go-to when you want to carry on the conversation later into the night. It’s in no way pretentious but always has candles and fresh flowers which are the little touches I love.

I included the Hedonist Project in my last round up of first date spots but as it’s launching a new concept in April, I wanted to feature it again. As the bar switches up entirely every few months, there’s a lot to talk about and that in itself is a bit of an icebreaker if you’re feeling nervous – I loved it as the surf shack and the gin kitchen. The staff are also really friendly which definitely helps!

I went here for their press night and I was seriously impressed. I was already a fan of the first Lost and Found bar in Leeds (which I mentioned as a great first date spot in my other round up) and the second one lived up to the same high standards. The downstairs bar is the perfect date night location if you’re looking for something a little classy and very romantic. I mean, there’s a tree decked in fairy lights in the middle of the bar and if that doesn’t say fairytale, I don’t know what does. If you’re into cocktails, it’s the perfect place to go and if the date goes really well, I’d definitely recommend heading upstairs for dinner.

A Leeds classic for first dates. As the weather is starting to get a bit better, it’s coming into rooftop beer garden season and Belgrave is perfect for this. I’m thinking casual drinks, maybe some pizza if it’s going well and an excuse to get cosy on a cool and clear Spring night on the terrace. Yep, beer, pizza and cold weather are the way to my heart.

This absolute gem is another Call Lane favourite and the cocktail menu here is absolutely banging. Because the drinks are a little different and the decor is pretty cool, there’s talking points all over the place for when you come out of the awkward hello hug. Also, you can get a free mini pizza with every drink until 9pm which means you won’t be absolutely starving if you’ve come straight from work (priorities).

So that’s my round up of my current faves when it comes to date locations – what do you think I should be adding to the list? Let me know in the comments.


Sunday, 1 April 2018

What happens when you do The Otley run

Leeds Otley Run Pub List

If you’re from Leeds or the surrounding area, you might already be familiar with the glorious concept of The Otley Run. If not, you might be one of those people who wishes someone luck as they assume it’s an actual run as opposed to a pub crawl. (I got two of those last week).

The Otley Run is pretty much a rite of passage for anyone who lives in Leeds as who wouldn’t want to make their way up to Headingley and walk back into town, attempting to visit 16 different pubs over the course of a two and a half mile walk? Well, it could be anywhere up to 16 depending on the route you take and even then you have to take into account probably missing out Leeds Uni SU and not being let into others.

Here’s what happens when you do The Otley Run.

1. The day commences at Woodies and you have the moment of realisation that it’s the cheapest bar in the land and why don’t we make it our local? They had me at two glasses of prosecco for a fiver. Bonus points if you visit here with someone from London as they’ll more than likely lose their mind at the prices.

2. It’s a bold move to start the Otley Run drinking prosecco as it gives you the false confidence that continuing with prosecco or wine and sticking with it for the next three to four pubs is a great idea.

3. You’ll soon see the error of your ways when you’re a bottle of wine down after a mere three bars and realise that you need to pick a drink that you know you can last all night on – most likely the spirit you developed a tolerance to at university which in my case, is vodka.

4. Pace is everything if you want to get into town at a respectable time and in a semi-respectable state. Thinking you have all the time in the world because you started at 2pm is a rookie error when it takes you over two hours to finish the first four pubs.

5. The walk down the Hyde Park Pub is possibly the longest walk you’ll ever encounter (of around 15 minutes) and there’s a reason why people hop on the bus or grab an uber instead of embarking on a trek which has the adverse affect of sobering you up.

6. On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity to mingle with other groups, befriend the occasional stag party and play a game of fancy dress bingo (if you don’t see someone dressed as a crayon, racial stereotype or in a onesie, you’ve missed out).

7. After leaving the Hyde Park Pub, it’s time to break the news to those in the group who aren’t from Leeds that they’re about to begin another marathon walk (of approximately 10 minutes) to The Library.

8. It’s from this point onwards when you’re on the cusp of being in town that it’s probably best just to let things go downhill.

9. The run descends into old man pub territory after The Library and yet there’s something charming about them all the same. The pubs get smaller and it’s easy to get lost in a sea of fancy dress.

10. The detour to Leeds University SU is definitely optional, especially if it’s been more than three years since you graduated.

11. Once you’ve ticked off the smaller bars, where better is there to end a run than the Dry Dock? AKA a large boat/bar type place with a nautical feel.

12. Eventually you'll you make it to Dry Dock and it’s time to ditch any fancy dress (transitional fancy dress is a must) if you want a hope in hell’s chance of getting let into anywhere on Call Lane.

The full Otley Run route is as follows:

·        Woodies
·        The Three Horseshoes
·        The New Inn
·        Headingley Taps
·        Arc
·        Box
·        Skyrack
·        The Original Oak
·        The Hyde Park Pub
·        The Library
·        The Packhorse
·        The Eldon
·        Leeds Uni (optional)
·        The Fenton
·        Strawbs
·        The Dry Dock

So tell me, have you done the Otley Run? Do you want to? Let me know in the comments.

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