Thursday, 4 January 2018

Smokin' Bar and Kitchen - Leeds

Smokin' Bar and Kitchen Leeds
Smokin' Bar and Kitchen Leeds

Another new bar in Leeds? Of course it is! Can we just discuss how Leeds seems to have new bars opening every other week right now and they’re all absolutely incredible? I feel like Leeds has been and continues to absolutely kill it on the social scene and to me, it’s like the entire city centre is a bigger and better version of the NQ in Manchester. (Sorry Manc, we get less rain here, you can’t win).

Smokin’ Bar and Kitchen is a new addition to Park Row and it’s on top of Bierkeller. I don’t know what I was expecting but with it being sandwiched between Bierkeller and Shooters, I was pleasantly surprised to be in a stylish, classy bar and restaurant and that makes it such a hidden gem. There’s a massive bar area and it’s in a location which means it will always be busy enough to have a great atmosphere, and a restaurant to the right. We were invited down to try out the menu and we definitely weren’t disappointed.

The menu is fairly meat heavy – there are small plates, meat dishes, fish dishes, big plates and burgers to choose from – but also some decent veggie options, so it really does cover all bases there. I was feeling hungry/ambitious that day and went for the ribs and wings combo which was a full rack of ribs, six chicken wings, fries, slaw and a side of garlic bread. Did I finish it? Did I hell. But it was delicious! I love meat on the bone, especially when it just falls off and the ribs were cooked to absolute perfection. The chicken wings were flavoursome, but the ribs stole the show for me by a long way. The other girls went for burgers which went down an absolute treat too.

Smokin' Bar and Kitchen Leeds

Smokin' Bar and Kitchen Leeds

It wouldn’t have been a night out without a couple of cocktails too and Smokin’ Bar definitely has the quirky cocktail thing down. There’s definitely something on the menu for everyone but given the opportunity, I always like to try something a little different so I went for a Raspberry and Bergamot Iced Tea (Earl Grey iced tea with raspberry, lemon, gin, tequila and finished with mint and liquorice) and then a Blueberry Breakfast which was blueberry, vanilla and bourbon combined and topped with a mini pancake. Yes, you read that correctly, my drink had a freaking pancake in it.

Smokin' Bar and Kitchen Leeds

Smokin' Bar and Kitchen Leeds

The cocktails are very reasonably priced in Smokin’ Bar which surprised me for such a central location – they range between £5-7 which is cheap by Leeds standards! Especially for something that’s a little quirky but very high quality, I’d have expected the cocktails to be around the £8-9 mark. Knowing this, I’ll absolutely be back as between Greek Street and Park Lane, there are some fantastic bars and Smokin’ is a fantastic addition to my daytime drinking destinations.

Overall, I was definitely impressed and will be heading back as the halloumi stack burger has been calling my name. Also, they do a cocktail with beef jerky in it that I want to try/do it for the ‘gram. Who fancies coming to Smokin’ with me for dinner? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. The cocktails sounds AMAZING! Pancakes should come with everything though tbf.


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