Friday, 15 December 2017

The best day out in Scarborough

Things to do in Scarborough
Scarborough Olivers Mount

When you think of Scarborough/Scarbvegas/Scarbados, you probably think of a fairly chilly beach, the Harbour Bar and not a lot else, right? I’ve been going to Scarborough since I was little so it’s always had a special, sandy little place in my heart, but my most recent visit made me see it in a whole new life. One of my fave blogger gals, Caroline, lives in Scarborough and invited me over for a magical mystery tour, followed by festive afternoon tea.

Who knew Scarborough could be so beautiful? Caroline had planned out an itinerary for us, so we spent the morning going for a walk on the beach, to the Italian gardens, to see the fairy gardens at Shuttleworths before heading up to Oliver’s Mount for a hot a chocolate. From here we had the best view over Scarborough and it was absolutely stunning. There’s nothing more calming than being able to see over a town and out to sea. Also, being the top blogger that she is, Caroline planned everything knowing that I’d be wanting all the Instagram photos so I came away with so much content. Winner!

Italian Garden Scarborough

Fairy Garden Scarborough

Olivers on the Mount Scarborough

Olivers on the Mount Scarborough

Caroline had also booked us festive afternoon tea at the Crown Spa Hotel which was such a treat. It felt so special as we arrived and had a fully festive table waiting for us, complete with crackers, and we were in a room with a Christmas tree and a fireplace hung with stockings. The staff were the perfect balance of attentive, checking in that we had everything we needed but still left us to it so we could continue our mammoth catch up over our tea.

Crown Spa Hotel Scarborough Afternoon Tea

Crown Spa Hotel Scarborough Afternoon Tea

The food itself was delicious but not for the first time, we ended up being defeated – the last time we had afternoon tea we also ended up not having room for cake! The stand came with turkey sandwiches, a giant scone with jam and brandy cream, plus a gingerbread man, miniature Yule log, mince pie and slice of Christmas cake each. 

Crown Spa Hotel Scarborough Afternoon Tea

For £15pp that’s definitely the best value afternoon tea I’ve had in a long time and for such a beautiful setting, I would expect to have paid a lot more. The sandwiches and scone were so filling that we ended up taking the cakes home with us in a plastic takeaway box. I mean, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t end up having cake for tea that night.

This day out was the most fun I’ve had in ages and I’d absolutely recommend exploring the hidden gems of Scarborough if you can tear yourself away from the 2p machines. Thank you to Caroline for planning such a lovely day for us both too, you’re the best.



  1. Aw, you are more than welcome Lizi. I had such a great day with you and hope we can do it again in a bit warmer climate as there's still a bit more to see and places to visit. :) - Thank you for visiting. x


  2. It looks so festive! Scarborough is my Dad's fave place in the world so I was dragged there so much as a kid haha


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