Saturday, 9 December 2017

Styling up my plus one

Jacamo shirt

I’ve had a pretty crazy six months in terms of blogger opportunities and I’m absolutely loving that it’s giving me the opportunity to share the love a bit and take people along with me for the ride. Since starting my new job, I’m very lucky that my new work friends are more than willing to be my plus one for things (I’ve had blogger date nights with quite a few of them now), so when an email from Jacamo dropped in my inbox I decided that in the absence of a significant other (LOL hit me up with your single guy friends please), I’d style up Juan.

Well, I say I styled him up, he chose the checked shirt he’s wearing in the photos and Hayley (work gal and blogger gal over at Prawnstar Martini) chose the other shirt. I think we did pretty well! Though both are a step away from his usual style, as Juan has an absolutely banging jumper collection, I thought both hit the smart/casual nail on the head. Our office is pretty casual when it comes to work attire but I think for the guys, a checked or printed shirt takes you from work mode to G&Ts in the pub pretty seamlessly.

I’m a fan of Jacamo’s collection as whilst they have a rep for just catering to bigger guys, what I hadn’t realised is the number of brands which are on there. We’re talking French Connection, Ben Sherman, Original Penguin... and the list goes on. A lot of what Jacamo stock is the style I love too – I love the shirt and chinos look.  A lot of the shirts have an option for a longer length too, which is great for guys like Juan as he’s over 6ft so shirts can be a bit of a nightmare on the highstreet.

Here are the two shirts styled up and if you think he looks a little chilly in the photos then you’d be right as it was about three degrees when we had him posing for photos down a side street near the office.

Jacamo shirt

Jacamo shirt

Jacamo shirt

Jacamo shirt

Let me know what you think of the outfits in the comments and a big thank you to Juan for getting involved and working with me on this post.

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  1. I've always quite liked the look of the the Jacamo clothing.. not for me
    Love both these shirts, both complementing completely Juan's trousers and shoes.
    Well done ladies!



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