Thursday, 9 November 2017

Let’s bring back Hygge

Let’s bring back Hygge
Carpetright Noble Aztec Rug

Hygge was the buzzword of A/W 2016. It’s the Danish concept of cosy vibes, AKA my favourite thing in the world, and the moment the new year hit, everyone ditched it in favour of it’s cool friend Lagom, the Swedish concept of having ‘just enough’. Well, I want to bring hygge back as you can never have enough warm, fuzzy feels at this time of year, especially when the winter blues kick in. Here are my favourite things to do to channel hygge in the home.

1. A strong mug game and top quality hot drink options. Hi, yes, I’m officially a grandma. I’m 100% team tea over coffee and my kitchen is stashed with a whole load of flavours. From Matcha green to give me a kick on gloomy mornings to peppermint when I’ve got a carb baby, I have it all. And a good mug makes all the difference – my current fave is this Aries mug from New Look.

Carpetright Noble Aztec Rug

2. Hearty winter foods. I find that the colder seasons are the time where I need to make the most effort to really bring in the nutrients as it’s so easy to reach for beige food on a grey day. I’m definitely late to the party on this one but who knew soup and a sandwich was a) a thing and b) so God damn delicious? I’m going to be getting all over this sexy little combo this winter.

3. A home interior update. When you’re spending a load more time indoors, it’s important to be in a cosy, calming and inviting environment. The lovely team at Carpetright sent me the gorgeous rug in the photos and it honestly makes me so happy to have a new texture in my flat that I love. I chose it for the aztec design and because it's such a thick pile which makes it so cosy - it's from their new collection and I'd definitely recommend checking them out. I’m really big on having warm textures, which is why I’ve got a throw covering my sofa, mismatched scatter cushions and a wicker basket filled with blankets. My living space is fairly small so having a rug that I adore really makes a difference especially as I got to choose it – my old one came with my flat when I bought it and it wasn’t to my tastes, but this one is so fluffy and cosy and you’ll be seeing it in every flatlay ever. Over the next couple of months I have plans to change up my flat so that it feels more home-y and less like a flat anyone could be living in, so there will be a flat tour coming in the new year.

Carpetright Noble Aztec Rug

4. Christmas candles. Am I too early? Not when you have a large candle jar to get through! My favourite winter scent is definitely cranberry as it’s Christmassy but not overly sweet, so the ‘festive cocktail’ jar by Yankee Candle is my absolute favourite. Flickering light is incredibly calming so having a candle burning helps me to destress.

5. Self love. No, I don’t mean a trip to Ann Summers, I mean taking the time to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. I’ve struggled with the winter blues hitting me hard in the last couple of years, but creating an environment at home which feels safe and comforting really helps me. Making a conscious effort to give myself mental breaks, downtime when I need it and simply taking time to breathe makes a massive difference.

So that’s how I’m going to be channeling Hygge this A/W! Big thank you to Carpetright for sending me the absolutely gorgeous rug that is in the photos, I absolutely love it – please let me know in the comments what you think!


  1. Bloody love Hygge haha! It's definitely something I can get on board with. I have the starsign mug (Capricorn) from New Look aswell, super cute isn't it?


  2. Oh my god, that rug is GORGEOUS! Serious rug envy right now. I've also never done the whole soup and a sandwich thing but I need to give it a try.

    Inside Laura's Head


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