Sunday, 19 November 2017

How to fake Christmas confidence

Simplybe Christmas Party Dress
Simplybe Christmas Party Dress

Just me, y’know, back with some more festive chat! I won’t lie, I’ve already got some presents both bought and wrapped and I went so extra on a Miniature Heroes Advent calendar several weeks back – to say I’m dragging out the season of goodwill would be an understatement.

One thing that’s pretty much dominating office chat right now however is the subject of the Christmas party. This will be my first Christmas do with this company and not only has the date been set, but it’s going to be a pretty damn fancy affair. And so starts the hunt for the perfect dress.

Simplybe Christmas Party Dress

When it comes to dressing up, I’m by no means a pro as I just don’t do fancy all that well. I spend my days wrapped in a comfort blanket of skinny jeans, oversized tops and trainers so whilst I love the opportunity to make a bit of effort, dresses are a massive step outside of my comfort zone. When I do dress up, I tend to stick to safe options like black lace and skater dresses so when Simply Be offered me the chance to pick a new dress from their party wear range, I jumped at the opportunity to kick myself out of my cosy little comfort zone and it gave me a shove towards Christmas party confidence. If you’re not a dressy kinda gal, here are some of my tips to help you feel Christmas party ready.

1. Go for your favourite silhouette. Whilst I’m all for pushing the boundaries, choosing a dress in a cut that you know works for you is key to feeling great all night. Get the right cut and you’ll soon forget feeling a little insecure as you’ll be more concerned by having fun and chatting to your colleagues – whereas the wrong cut can leave you tugging at your hemline or feeling self conscious. As someone who isn’t all that comfortable baring skin (it took a lot to take photos wearing nude tights as opposed to black ones!), this dress is perfect for me as the cut means it doesn’t cling to problem areas.

Simplybe Christmas Party Dress

2. Get good underwear. Whether you choose Spanx or suspenders, it should make you feel great, whether that’s because it sucks you in and smoothes you out or because it makes you feel sexy af. There’s absolutely nothing worse than bad underwear choices ruining the line of a dress as nobody wants to spend hours getting ready only to get VPL.

3. Don’t be afraid to size up. A lot of the time, we forget that when fretting over our dress size that it’s not worn on the outside. Sizing up doesn’t mean you gain a stone when you step into it and a dress that fits looks better than one which is a little too snug – let’s face it, nobody wants to look like a slug stuck in a straw for the sake of a label with a smaller number on it.

Simplybe Christmas Party Dress

4. Take time out to get ready. This year I’ve booked the afternoon off work so I have plenty of time as it can be a bit of a rush to get ready when it’s an after work party. Having more time means being less frantic and there’s no need to arrive feeling stressed because your eyeliner just wouldn’t go right.

5. Go all out. Well, this is the one time of the year when excessive sequins are totally acceptable and a red lip is an absolute must.

Simplybe Christmas Party Dress

What do you think of my Christmas party outfit? If you're on the hunt for the perfect dress, I'd definitely recommend hitting up SimplyBe, especially as they have their Black Friday deals going on!



  1. I'm so behind on Christmas this year! I'm normally twinkly, tinselly and up to my eyeballs in mince pies by now but time has just sorta got away from me! I've got a lot ofcatching up to do!
    You look very pretty in your festive frock! x

  2. Oh wow I LOVE this dress on you! You look amazing!

    Lauren xx - bylaurenjane


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