Monday, 20 November 2017

Beach bars in November?

Coco's Beach Bar Trinity Leeds
Coco's Beach Bar Trinity Leeds

Freezing cold weather means one thing doesn’t it? Getting your Brazilian beach vibe on of an eve and making like it’s summer all over again. I mean, obviously.

The newest bar in Leeds right now is Coco’s Beach Bar and it’s right in the centre of the city, within Trinity and right next door to Trinity Kitchen as part of Cabana. I already knew I loved Cabana (their food is to die for) so when the lovely team at Coco’s invited me down to try out some of their food and drinks, I didn’t hesitate to round up some of the girls from work to give it a try. Shout out to Maz, Hannah and Charlie (who also blogs over at The Hungry Lass) for coming with me for some hump-day beverages.

Coco's Beach Bar Trinity Leeds

As someone who spends, ahem, a fair amount of time drinking cocktails in Leeds (LOL, hi, I don’t have a problem, I promise), I was beginning to think I’d seen it all. And then I was passed a drink in an inflatable flamingo and things got a whole lot more exciting. What I love about Coco’s is that their drinks are affordable (£6 a cocktail, all day every day), they’re something a little more special than what you’d normally get for that price in the city centre (most places you’re looking at £9+ for anything worth putting on Instagram) and the bar itself has the fun but chilled vibe going on that makes it the perfect day drinking pitstop. It’s the kind of place where you’d head to after a long day shopping before going out for the evening and though it’s in the middle of a shopping centre, it feels a million miles away for the frantic mess of Primark.

Coco's Beach Bar Trinity Leeds

Whilst we were there, we tried a whole load of cocktails, starting with the Mermaid’s Mai Tai, ie a fruity rum-based sharer cocktail served in a giant shell. See what I mean about it being the Insta dream? We followed it up with a few more drinks and tried the Naked Lady, Coco Colada, Pink Flamingo, Bounty Hunter, Island Life and Jungle Fever. As y’know, who doesn’t love trying out pretty much the entire cocktail menu on a Wednesday evening? My fave had to be the Island Life cocktail which is vodka, agave syrup, apple juice, grenadine, raspberry and passionfruit, all shaken up and served in a coconut. If anyone knows where I can get some ceramic coconut cocktail glasses from, please hit me up.

Coco's Beach Bar Trinity Leeds

When it comes to food, whilst Coco’s is very much a bar and all about the cocktails, I can’t not mention the fact that it’s bloody good. We’re talking nachos, tacos, halloumi fries, burgers and wings. We tried a bit of everything and oh my days, I’d come back for the food just as much as I’d come back for the drinks. Again, they’re all reasonably priced for small plates (all £5-6 each plus generous portions) and I’d be so down for another Brazilian style tapas feast.

Coco's Beach Bar Trinity Leeds

So tell me, who fancies coming to Coco’s with me for a cocktail or three and some seriously good food? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Um, I do! :D
    This all looks very tasty and a perfect antidote to the cold grey weather outside!


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