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What makes a house a home

What makes a house a home
Hello Canvas framed print

For a lot of young professionals, city centre living is a must as it means being close to work but often that means being in a flat which can only be described as beige. I absolutely love my little shoebox of a flat in Leeds but I’ve definitely spent the last three years since I bought it assuming that I’d never be here that long. I was actually renting my flat before I bought it, meaning the purchase included the fully furnished state I moved into it in (down to the cutlery that still remains stashed in a cupboard I never open), so turning it from a space that looked like IKEA had thrown up in it, to an actual home has proven a challenge. Here’s how I turned a bland flat into a home (even if it’s not a forever home).

1. Smell. My flat tends to smell like a combination of laundry (as there seems to be a never ending cycle of washing going on at all times) and scented candles. I’m very picky when it comes to scents and tend to stick to either linen or cranberry, with my faves coming from Yankee Candle or Laura Ashley, and I think a the flickering light of a candle is really calming. Or, my other favourite scent which is Bold 2 in 1 Lavender and Camomile laundry detergent as that also fills my flat every time I do a wash.

2. Books everywhere. I find reading incredibly comforting and have done since I was a child, so having books in my flat, though it can make it feel cluttered, it’s in a good way. Also, do you even trust a bookshelf that doesn’t have a full set of battered Harry Potter books? Nope, me either.

3. Mixed up textures. I’d love to be one of those people who had a theme when it comes to their interior design but I quite haven’t got that eye for it. I love having scatter cushions that don’t fit a theme, brightly coloured throws over my sofa and a fluffy rug covering the laminate floor.

Hello Canvas framed print

4. Really good bedding. Because who doesn’t love a cosy lie in on a weekend? I think it’s the sign of stepping into grown up territory when you make high quality purchases in bedding which is why, ahem, I’ve asked Santa for a mattress topper, duvet and pillows this year. It’s so easy to buy whatever is cheap, but when you spend (hopefully) a good 8 hours a day in your bed, that’s an important investment to make.

5. Motivational quotes. Aside from having a whole load of Paperchase postcards stuck up on my wall, the lovely people at Hello Canvas printed and framed one of my favourite quotes for me to hang up in my flat. It might be an eyerollingly millennial concept but home is definitely where the WiFi connects automatically. Also, as there were canvases on my walls when I bought my flat, I tactically picked the size of the frame so I could take those down and not have to actually put nails in the wall. Winner.

Hello Canvas framed print

6. A decent stash of tea. What can I say, I got 99 problems and where my next brew is coming from ain’t one. It’s definitely a Yorkshire thing to solve every situation with a cup of tea, so I like to be able to cater for every eventuality – I guess that’s a sign that I’m a problem solver? Let’s be honest though, in Yorkshire, you can’t call somewhere home without a stash of teabags.

7. Personal touches. I absolutely adore the Pinterest-style interiors I see every time I log on, and I’m an absolute sucker for mixed metallics and the like, but I’m determined to keep my flat feeling very ‘me’. The Pinterest dream might look beautiful but it takes you back to square one if it looks like anyone could live there.

So that’s how to make a house a home. Big thank yous to Hello Canvas who printed and framed the gorgeous print I currently have up in my flat. Whilst you’re here, let me know in the comments what makes your house a home.


  1. Love the post, and couldn't agree more. The smell of endless floral scents from the washing is the best, especially when it's the first thing you smell when you come into the house! I also spotted a lovely little VikingArtyParty folder on your desk!

  2. Ahh, this is such a nice post, I feel like I can picture your flat as I read. Loving the new print it it's gorgeous frame, and I'm so with you on the candles.

    Inside Laura's Head


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