Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Viking Arty Party

Viking Arty Party at lambert's yard, Leeds

You know when you have just the absolute best Saturday? I feel like the weekend of the #VikingArtyParty was definitely one of them.

Despite having an absolute hangover from hell and waking up to the reality of having lost my debit card the night before (LOL I’m a disgrace), I kicked off the day by heading to If Coffee for brunch with Caroline before the event. Needless to say, I perked myself up by nailing that millennial cliché and photographing my avocado on toast from all angles before inhaling it. If you’re in Leeds, I’d definitely recommend If (it used to be called Graze if you’re from round here), as the food is delicious and they’re very good at catering for dietary requirements – the vegan red velvet looked pretty damn dreamy. After brunch, it was time to get our craft on at Lambert’s Yard.

Viking supplies office stationary and the like, and as stationary is something I’m v keen on, going to get crafty with them is definitely my idea of fun. It was really lovely to go to a blogger event that’s something a bit different and more creative – whilst I love going to events and trying food and drink, there’s something special about taking home something you’ve made. My first activity was block printing where I did a questionable effort at a Christmas tree design on a file holder.

Viking Arty Party at lambert's yard, Leeds

Second up was making crackers which I absolutely loved as I think it’s a really creative way to give small gifts to people. We were meant to be making them into an advent calendar (as you can string up 24 of them and put a chocolate in each), but I think I’d rather make mine into Christmas place settings as they’re really cute.

Viking Arty Party at lambert's yard, Leeds

Our final challenge was to master calligraphy which was really interesting and so much harder than it looked! You know when you see those speeded up videos of people doing calligraphy and it looks really easy? Turns out it’s definitely not. We learnt the technique then practiced our letters – a bit like how you’d do hand writing practice at school – then started to write out words and phrases. I played it safe and stuck to my blog name but there’s definitely something satisfying about seeing swearwords and phrases written out so beautifully... maybe next time! As the event came to a close, I received my first Christmas gift of the year from the Vikings team which included some incredible stationary which I’m already excited to take to work.

Viking Arty Party at lambert's yard, Leeds

I rounded off the day with a visit from my sister and being the good egg she is, she brought me the jeans I accidentally sent to her work (my bad), presents from her recent holiday (woop!) and her old MacBook which is possibly the greatest hand-me-down I’ve ever received. Needless to say, it was an excellent visit, though she didn’t do too badly out of me, as she left with a Yankee candle and two dresses.

As Saturdays go, this was definitely one of the best ones I’ve had in a while. What do you think of my Christmas crafting? Let me know in the comments.

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