Thursday, 20 July 2017

Leeds Gin Festival

Leeds Gin Festival
Leeds Gin Festival

I’m all about afternoon drinks in the sun right now. It could be the (occasionally) balmy weather or the fact that at the grand old age of 25 I’m no longer a nightclub kinda gal, but I’m 100% down and afternoon tipple or two in the sunshine. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than heading to a bar for a post-roast beverage or two on a Sunday only for the music to be blaring at 3pm. I don’t mean to be an absolute grandma (actually, yes, yes I do), but surely nobody wants to pay for the privilege of sitting in silence as you’re not drunk enough to dance off your foodbaby and it’s too loud to have a chat.

And this is why outdoor drinking in a somewhat civilised environment is more my jam. I headed to the Gin Festival at Leeds Town Hall recently and it was hands down one of the best afternoons I’ve had in absolutely ages. The drinks were great, the location was perfect, the weather was sunny and best of all, the company was on point, as I took Laura along with me.

We headed in, clutching our giant gin goblets (not the technical term), ready to decide which drinks to sample. Gin and tonic has been growing on me ever since I found the right tonic (always Fevertree, never Schweppes), as it’s such a summery drink and a great alternative to a cocktail. Despite this, we headed straight to the classic cocktail bar anyway to pick up some drinks then head outside to soak up the Sunday afternoon sunshine. It wasn’t long before our drinks went entirely to our heads in the giddy, giggly way and we ended up having the best afternoon together.

Leeds Gin Festival

What I really love about events like this is how chilled they are. When the drinks are so reasonably priced (£5 for a G&T, £10 for a cocktail), it’s easy to see how you could spend an entire afternoon there. There are workshops going on and a lot of gin history chat but we decided to skip that as I’ve done a few gin tastings in the past and it’s now the only story from history that I can recall at a moment’s notice – including when I recited it to my mum in the pub. I like to think she was impressed (she wasn’t). Whilst there are some excellent bars in Leeds which have a whole load of gin, it’s not the same as having them all lining an entire town hall, with a whole load of experts in one place at one time.

Leeds Gin Festival

All in all, it was definitely an afternoon well spent, partly for the thinks but mainly for the company as there’s nothing like having life chats over a cocktail on a sunny afternoon – and Laura gives excellent life advice, I’d definitely recommend hitting her up for a drink (or three). 


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  1. I know I'm years late in catching on, but I'm only just starting to really 'get' gin - this seems like wonderful way to spend an afternoon!


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