Thursday, 11 May 2017

My first Yo! Sushi experience

My first Yo! Sushi experience
Yo! Sushi Trinity Leeds new menu

When it comes to trying new foods, I’m starting to become a lot more open minded, though it’s definitely taken a few years for me to get to this stage. To put this into context, when I was at university, my flatmates called me the ‘pasta master’ as it was all I ever ate. There were a lot of cuisines I was iffy about until recent years when opportunities have come up for me to try new dishes, whether that’s with friends or for blogging purposes and it’s definitely altered my tastebuds.

Enter Yo! Sushi.

I was definitely curious when I was invited down to try some of the new additions to the Yo! Sushi menu as I’ve never really been into fish (though times are changing, I don’t flat out refuse when it’s put in front of me now!), but I needn’t have worried as Yo! Sushi offers so much more than your traditional sushi rolls with fish in them.

The premise of Yo! Sushi is to sit at the conveyor belt and pick whichever plates of food take your fancy, and the colour of the plate determines the price. This means that if you come in absolutely starving hungry, you can get through as much food as you like, but if you’re in a group, you can treat it a little like tapas. Seven plates later, it’s safe to say that the portions are more than satisfying as what may look like a little can be incredibly filling.

We tried the following dishes:

  • Chicken Katsu Sando
  • Beef Katsu
  • Osaka Style Squid
  • Seared Beef Roll
  • Pork Teriyaki
  • Cod Nanbanzuke
  • Tokyo Banana Cake

Yo! Sushi Trinity Leeds new menu

Yo! Sushi Trinity Leeds new menu

Yo! Sushi Trinity Leeds new menu

Yo! Sushi Trinity Leeds new menu

Yo! Sushi Trinity Leeds new menu

My favourite dishes were the Chicken Katsu Sando which was essentially chicken katsu goujons in white bread and tasted a bit like a delicious sandwich of dreams. I wasn’t expecting a meat wrapped in white bread to be on a menu anywhere in the world as a delicacy but apparently it’s very popular in Japan and I can definitely see why. It has hangover food written all over it. I also really enjoyed the Cod Nanbanzuke which were fried balls of cod in a tangy sauce – definitely an unexpected winner for me.

When it came down to the sushi rolls, I actually found them quite heavy so I’d opt for them if I wanted something really filling, but otherwise, I’ll definitely be going for more of the streetfood style options when I go back. I didn’t even know that Yo! Sushi did desserts and now that I’ve tried the banana cake, which was incredibly light and refreshing, I’m desperate to try the raspberry flavour.

Now I’ve lost my Yo! Sushi virginity, I’m really keen to return and eat my way through the rest of the menu. Are you a Yo! Sushi fan? Do you fancy a sushi date with me? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I've never been to Yo! Sushi, and I'll admit that one of the reasons I've not gone out of my way to visit is that I expected it to be really fish-heavy but a lot of what you tried sounds really delicious!


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