Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Leeds Loves Cocktails 2017

Leeds Loves Cocktails 2017
rum cocktail

We all know that I’m, ahem, partial to a cocktail or twelve, but I’m going to start this by throwing out the tagline of ‘drink better, not more’. It’s logical, right? (Someone please remind me I said this the next time I suggest doing tequila). Leeds Loves Cocktails is a city wide event that brings together a ton of amazing brands and venues to put on experiences and to make incredible drinks – it’s all about drinking to enjoy it, not drinking for the sake of getting smashed.

I went to the press event for Leeds Loves Cocktails and had the opportunity to hear about how the event has evolved year on year – this time, they’re doing around 40 events over the week (5th – 11th June), and it’s all about getting people involved and learning about better ways to enjoy alcohol. What I love about it, is that as it’s across the city, a brand name you recognise might tempt you into a bar that you’ve never been to before or your favourite bar might have teamed up with a brand you’ve never had chance to try. It’s all about opening up those experiences and finding new places – let’s face it, we all get stuck in ruts of where we go on nights out, and that’s why I spend so much time in Roland’s on Call Lane.

gin cocktail

cherry cocktail

What I’m loving about this year is that they are doing more than just discounted cocktails with the wristbands (thought obvs I will be all over that, standard), it’s that there are really well thought out pairings between brands and the events they’re putting on. So Jack Daniels will be doing a masterclass at The Pit that involves pairing the spirit with their meat, and Absolut is going to be at Roxy Ballroom for a takeover of their mini golf course.

cocktail making headrow house leeds

cocktail making headrow house leeds

There are definitely a few events that I’m keen to get involved with during Leeds Loves Cocktails this year and I was lucky enough to be given a wristband at the press night which grants entry into the events (though some require booking/additional payments for the bigger events like dinners and tastings), and of course, £5 cocktails in a ton of bars around Leeds. If you fancy getting involved, you can order a wristband here to be picked up from Jake’s, on Call Lane, and head to the website here to find out what events are going on and how to book.

See you at the bar, yeah?

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