Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Flower power and trying new things

I’ve had a bit of a reflective day today about how in the last few years, I’ve seriously pushed myself out of my comfort zone and into trying new things. I used to be that person who was scared of everything. The unknown made me very bloody nervous and it meant that I missed out. The thought of going to gigs, going on nights out in cities I didn’t know and exploring new places terrified me. I was that person that now I could happily shake and tell to get a grip. But it’s all experience, right? It’s about pushing yourself out of that comfort zone and thinking what’s the worst that could happen.

I used to have a massive block over trying new things and going to new places. Knowing what I’m like now makes me realise I’m worlds away from the 18 year old who was too scared to go out for the first night of freshers because I felt like I didn’t know the town well enough to know I could get home OK. I know right? Absolutely worlds away from the person I am today. The combination of university, having a blog which creates so many opportunities and moving away from home has changed me one hell of a lot.

For example recently, I was invited to a blogger event at the White Rose Centre in Leeds, where we had the chance to make flower crowns and celebrate Yorkshire Day. They actually had the world's biggest white rose bouquet there and oh my days, it was stunning. 

This event stood out for me as making me realise how far I’d come to where I’m at now. If someone had said six years ago that I was invited to go to a shopping centre out of town which I had to get to by myself, to go do a new activity, I would have been terrified. Now, it’s second nature to accept the invite as who the hell wouldn’t want to make a flower crown?!

When I arrived, not only did I realise that the White Rose has pretty much all the shops I like under one roof (ie Yours, New Look, Primark and Boots, with zero trekking to the Merion Centre like you have to do in central Leeds), but it’s not actually that far away. As you can probably tell, my local geography is not up to scratch.

As for flower crown making, I was in my absolute element. It’s a bit tricky to explain technique but if anyone is keen to learn, I will more than happily meet up to make them as it was so fun. I definitely embraced my creation by wearing it as I waltzed off to Prezzo for dinner afterwards whilst wearing it. 

Though I did take it off eventually when I did some last minute shopping whilst I waited for my Uber. I’m going to assume that buying three items doesn’t quite cut it for a haul post so you’ll just have to imagine a stripy top, a cream blouse with bees on it and a navy tote bag. Also, finding a tote bag, in the sale, £9 from £30 without a central inner pocket meaning you can fit your lunchbox in it? Living the absolute dream, right there.

So tell me, where are you at with flower crowns? Chokers seem to have taken over as the go-to #festivalfashion accessory this year but I’m 100% down with making my own and doing it properly. 


  1. This was such a lovely post to read Lizi! It's lovely when you have that moment of realisation and reflect on how far you've come isn't it?! And that flower crown is perfect, exactly what I'm looking for for my wedding! X
    Sophie Cliff

    1. Thanks Sophie! I can't remember the name of the florist was but Ali (@GrittAlessandra) will! I love that realisation moment, it's so important to remember that whilst you might not be at a peak, you're so much further along than you were! xx

  2. Loved doing this with you. Was such a fun evening and I love WR too

    1. It was so fun, definitely something different and the kind of event I love doing the most! xx

  3. Aw this is such a gorgeous post. The outcome is perfect & you look so happy wearing it ^_^

    Katie // Words by Katie

    1. Thanks Katie! I really embraced it as I was prancing around the White Rose feeling like a princess haha xx

  4. I was hving similar thoughts too about myself, I used to have such bad social anxiety I wouldn't speak to anyone even if they adsked me a direct question. Bloggong ahs got me used to trying new things, going to new places and meeting new people!


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