Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Solo Project #1 – Attend an event.

The Solo Project Revolucion de Cuba Leeds

This project has started a little sooner than I expected! I decided to start The Solo Project in 2016 to challenge myself to do things by myself. They're the things that you might usually do with someone else but I want to challenge the social taboo of going it alone and it starts here.

The lovely lot at Revolucion De Cuba in Leeds dropped me a message on Twitter last weekend saying they were doing some random acts of kindness to cheer people up on Mondays in January and asked if I, along with a friend, would like to come down and do a burrito masterclass. Naturally I replied very excitedly saying me and my blogging wife Jess would love to attend. I mean, what a lovely thing to do, to invite groups in for food and drink just to make them smile - this isn't just bloggers, it's students and locals too.

Sadly, on the day, Jess was poorly and I was faced with a decision. Do I go alone or do I just bail? I decided to go for it! (Insert sassy hair flick). After all, it’s simply bad manners to just not turn up when I have no reason, right?

When I arrived, I was a little early and I felt somewhat nervous. It’s always that awkward feeling of walking into somewhere alone but knowing that I didn’t have someone coming to meet me made me a tad edgy. This is something which I know a lot of people find a bit awkward and I have friends who won’t walk in somewhere alone and I’m a bit like that too – I demand a direct description of where everyone is!

I was greeted as I came in and went and sat at the bar which I think helped calm my nerves (despite the fact that I’m doing dry January) as to be honest, it limits eye contact. It sounds bad but when you’re already feeling a bit iffy because you’re by yourself, actively looking around to see if people are staring is the worst. By this point, I had chilled out a fair bit and I was starting to get excited for the event.

I genuinely couldn’t decide whilst I was sat there if I looked like I was waiting for someone or if I’d been stood up but given the awkward first date scenario going on next to me, I was grateful to be sat there instagramming my drink by myself. It sounds strange to say it but sitting in a bar by yourself makes you feel like you look self-confident, no matter how you feel and that in itself made me feel better. My wait was long enough to scroll Instagram and read a few blogs and then it was time to begin.

I was lucky that I was in a group who were all very friendly and having something to do, rather than just mingling broke the ice a lot. We learnt all about how to make burritos – I’ve included photos but to be honest, as tasty as mine was, I’d happily just go back to Revolucion De Cuba for burritos than try and make it myself. Let’s face it, they have better burrito and mojito making skills than I do.

Though my burrito was the best in the group so I won an elephant mug! *Smug face*.

As my first solo event, I’m so glad that I didn’t wimp out and not go! There’s something really satisfying about doing something when you know you’re going to be a bit nervous – it’s almost like putting yourself through a test. The reassured feeling when you leave that it was really fun and it’s just like my mum always said; ‘you’ll enjoy it when you get there!’ is always worth it. Plus I met the lovely Lucyanne too!

I can really see why people would be nervous about doing something like that by themselves, but if you get the chance, just do it! There are always lovely people to meet, new things to try and it’s a bit of a confidence boost too.
Just as a little addition, (and I don’t mean this is a ‘I’m so nice, everyone think I’m great way’), after I left, I paid forward the kindness and popped to Sainsburys to buy a homeless person his dinner. After all, a few quid goes a long way when you know that one less person is going to bed hungry! I tweeted thanking Revolucion De Cuba for a lovely night, mentioned that I’d done this and they got back to me and said they’d match it for a charity of my choice, so I picked the MS Society.

Now, beating my nerves, starting The Solo Project and having a lovely evening has left me with a massive smile on my face!


  1. Amazing! Well done for braving it, going alone and for paying forward Revolucion de Cuba's Nice act. Win, win, win!

    1. I definitely thought it was a pretty good night all round! So glad I went, if I'd bailed, that would never have happened!

  2. Yey go you, reading this post made me hungry!

    1. I saw that you went there for drinks yesterday - definitely head back for food when you're in Leeds some time, it's so good! :)

  3. I'm looking forward o reading this series and you're totally more than capable of doing anything!
    Sounds like a fab event and what an amazing gesture for them to do that! (definite brownie points!)


    1. I'm so excited to write the rest of the series over the course of this year, though I think I'll have to add some new challenges eventually! :) xx

  4. You go girl for just going for it. That elephant mug is super cute too. I'm impressed that they offered a donation to a charity, and I think it's very kind of you to pay it forward too!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XXX

    1. I was SO impressed by how quickly they got back to me on Twitter and offered a donation, it was so kind of them :) And I just love the mug! xxx


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