Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Emotional Stages to Sunday Nights

Sunday night blues

The Sunday night blues are all too real. Here are some Sunday night feels.

1. Shit, how is it half 8 on a Sunday, I have achieved NOTHING this weekend.

2. Everyone else has done so much more fun stuff than me this weekend. I mean, just look at Instagram, literally everyone has been on holiday/at a festival/out for cocktails/had date night but me.

3. Oh wait, actually, I’ve uploaded at least 10 photos as I saw my friends yesterday, my bad. Not only did I have a life but everyone knows about it. I’m such a basic bitch.

4. When I think about it, my weekend has been so hectic, I really need another day off. Why are there no more bank holidays this year?

5. I could do with some me-time though, maybe I should cancel all my plans for next weekend.

6. Why do I always leave life admin things until this time on a Sunday night? No, I don’t want to put washing on, take rubbish out or clear up ready for the week right now.

7. Fresh bedding on a Sunday night is just the dream though, best do that washing.

8. What am I going to wear to work tomorrow? Actually, who can predict the weather right now, best leave that until tomorrow.

9. Do I really need to wash my hair tonight? I know I won’t want to in the morning but surely I can just tie it up/dry shampoo it/hope nobody notices again?

10. Why is everyone posting photos of themselves being all cute staying in with their significant others on a Sunday night? I don’t even have a cat to snuggle up to.

11. Actually, at least I don’t have to share my newly changed super-fresh bedding. Winner.

12. I’ve been so unhealthy this weekend, from tomorrow, my body is a temple.

13. Why did I have a Chinese for tea tonight? My temple body isn’t just starting from scratch, it’s gone back a few paces on where it was last Sunday.

14. I’m definitely going to get an early night tonight so I can start the week feeling refreshed.

15. Every time there’s a good film on TV it’s on at 9pm on a Sunday. WHY?!

16. Really wish I’d thought to by chocolate for the Sunday night film I never intended to watch.

17. Why do I always forget to take my lunchbox out of my work bag until Sunday night? That’s been there since Friday. Ew.

18. As tomorrow is Monday, I’d best start being a whole new me. And my whole new me is going to be super organised next weekend and not leave everything until last thing on a Sunday evening.

19. Did I say that last week? Yeah, probs.

20. Is it cold enough to wear a onesie? Yes it is. And yes I feel as snug as the giant fluffy zebra I truly am. Maybe this is why I don’t have a significant other to share my Sundays with.

21. As much as I love this onesie, I’m glad that nobody can see me looking like I’m wearing an oversized baby grow. It would look cute on Instagram though. #Adorable.

How’s your Sunday night so far?

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