Monday, 20 July 2015

Let’s Talk The City Girls

The City Girls
It’s  ironic that my last, and most successful ever, blog post was about how blogging isn’t about the freebies and we should do it for the right reasons and I’m following it with a post about the lovely treats I got from an event. But y’know, YOLO. Everything is right with the world when you’re spending a Saturday night on the sofa writing a blog post about fabulous things whilst watching Harry Potter. Winning at life right there.

Holly and Lorna founded The City Girls and they arranged an incredible event last Saturday that you’ll have seen all over every social media channel you follow me on and in a few previous posts. It was all, first and foremost, to raise money for Leeds Women’s Refuge (read more HERE) and we did just that. Oh and we met a load of AMAZING brands, got treats from so many brands that I thought I’d just put a post together that is going to be incredibly image-heavy. And then my faves will be featuring in future posts, obvs, as they're worth shouting about.

Honest to God this event is turning into a full on blog series, I’ve put more effort into these posts than I ever did into my dissertation.

I think we all just realised why I didn’t get a first at university.

ANYWAY. Photos. Of beautiful things and links to where to buy them as they are all truly worth a purchase.

Angelica -  Nail Colour

Twig and Dot - Candle in Bahama Bay

Bubbleology Bubble Tea - Read my event review here all about them

Virtue - Iced Tea

Benefit - License to blot

DermaV10 - Products

Michael O'Mara Books - Colouring Book

The Works - Girlfriend Hair Turban

Batiste - Dry Shampoo

Moo Goo - Moisturiser

Dusty Girls - Lipgloss

7th Heaven - Facemask

Urban Fruit - Mango 

Kiss the Moon - Bath Oil

Oloves - Olives (enjoyed by my friends at work!)

Paul Mitchell - Ultimate Waves

Moo Goo - Milk Wash

Scribbler - Greeting Card

GOSH - Eyeliner

Plewsy - Card and Postcard

Manuka Doctor - Lip balm and samples

Tangle Angel - Hairbrush

I apologise that this has been a very brief post in terms of writing but I just wanted to share the amazing products! A lot of them will feature on future posts anyway as they're truly worth shouting about!


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  1. I think we must of missed each other at the event but it was so busy & the time flew by. I've added you to my "The City Girls" floder in Bloglovin & will hopefully see you at a future event x
    Donna -


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